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audacity in Swedish

behaviornoun djärvhet [u], oförvägenhet [u], dristighet [u], fräckhet [u], oförskämdhet [u], oblyghet [u], påflugenhet [u], hänsynslöshet [u], vårdslöshet [u]
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Definitions of audacity
1. audacity - fearless daring
  audaciousness, temerity
  hardihood, daring, hardiness, boldness the quality of standing out strongly and distinctly
2. audacity - aggressive boldness or unmitigated effrontery; "he had the audacity to question my decision"
  boldness, nerve, cheek, brass, face the quality of standing out strongly and distinctly
  effrontery, presumptuousness, presumption, assumption a kind of discourtesy in the form of an act of presuming; "his presumption was intolerable"
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