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bulldog in Swedish

zoologynoun bulldogg [u]
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Definitions of bulldog
1. bulldog - a sturdy thickset short-haired breed with a large head and strong undershot lower jaw; developed originally in England for bull baiting
  working dog any of several breeds of usually large powerful dogs bred to work as draft animals and guard and guide dogs
  french bulldog small stocky version of the bulldog having a sleek coat and square head
1. bulldog - attack viciously and ferociously
  set on, assail, assault, attack attack someone physically or emotionally; "The mugger assaulted the woman"; "Nightmares assailed him regularly"
2. bulldog - throw a steer by seizing the horns and twisting the neck, as in a rodeo
  get over, master, overcome, surmount, subdue to bring (a necessary but unpleasant task) to an end; "Let's get this job over with"; "It's a question of getting over an unpleasant task"
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