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chemistrynoun karbid [u]
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1. carbide - a binary compound of carbon with a more electropositive element
  inorganic compound any compound that does not contain carbon
  calcium carbide a grey salt of calcium (CaC) used in making acetylene
  silicon carbide an extremely hard blue-black crystalline compound (SiC) used as an abrasive and a heat refractory material; crystals of silicon carbide can be used as semiconductors
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A carbide is a compound composed of carbon and a less electronegative element. Carbides can be generally classified by chemical bonding type as follows: (i) salt-like, (ii) covalent compounds, (iii) interstitial compounds, and (iv) ""intermediate"" transition metal carbides. Examples include calcium carbide, silicon carbide, tungsten carbide (often called simply carbide), and cementite, each used in key industrial applications.

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