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Translation of the word contrary from english to swedish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

contrary in Swedish

differentadjective motsatt
  principleadjective oförenlig
  behavioradjective motsträvig
  obstinateadjective egensinnig, envis, enveten, styvsint
  differencenoun motsats [u]
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Definitions of contrary
1. contrary - a logical relation such that two propositions are contraries if both cannot be true but both can be false
  logical relation a relation between propositions
2. contrary - exact opposition; "public opinion to the contrary he is not guilty"
  oppositeness, opposition a body of people united in opposing something
1. contrary - resistant to guidance or discipline; "Mary Mary quite contrary"; "an obstinate child with a violent temper"; "a perverse mood"; "wayward behavior"
  obstinate, perverse, wayward
  disobedient not obeying or complying with commands of those in authority; "disobedient children"
2. contrary - very opposed in nature or character or purpose; "acts contrary to our code of ethics"; "the facts point to a contrary conclusion"
  different differing from all others; not ordinary; "advertising that strives continually to be different"; "this new music is certainly different but I don't really like it"
3. contrary - of words or propositions so related that both cannot be true but both may be false; "`hot' and `cold' are contrary terms"
  antonymous of words: having opposite meanings
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