English-Swedish translation of dire

Translation of the word dire from english to swedish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

dire in Swedish

fearadjective gräslig, förfärlig, förskräcklig
Synonyms for dire
Derived terms of dire
aim one's attention directly towards, be in dire straits, codirector, dire need, direct, direct current, direct object, direct tax, direct to, direction, directional, directions, directive, directly, directness, director, directorate, directorship, directory, film direction, film director, funeral director, give directions to, in every direction, indirect, indirect object, indirect speech, indirect tax, indirectness, managing director, misdirect, misdirection, movie direction, movie director, prison director, redirect, stage director, telephone directory, bank director, bidirectional
direct hit, direful, indirection, indirectly, art director, board of directors, change of direction, dire straits, direct-grant school, direct action, direct antonym, direct contrast, direct correlation, direct discourse, direct dye, direct evidence, direct examination, direct fire, direct flight, direct loan, direct mail, direct mailer, direct marketing, direct primary, direct quotation, direct sum, direct support, direct supporting fire, direct tide, direct transmission, direct trust, directed, directed verdict, directing, direction finder, directional antenna, directional microphone, directionality, directionless, directiveness, directivity, director-stockholder relation, director of central intelligence, director of research, directorate for inter-services intelligence, east-west direction, ex-directory, executive director, foreign direct investment, goal-directed, indirect antonym, indirect correlation, indirect discourse, indirect evidence, indirect expression, indirect fire, indirect immunofluorescence, indirect lighting, indirect request, indirect transmission, joint direct attack munition, music director, nondirectional antenna, north-south direction, omnidirectional, omnidirectional antenna, omnidirectional radio range, omnidirectional range, presidential directive, redirect examination, research director, security director, self-directed, self-direction, sense of direction, stage direct, stage direction, staggered board of directors, subdirectory, theater director, theatre director, undirected, unidirectional
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