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filled in Swedish

containeradjective full, fylld
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Helen's words suddenly filled me with new energy.
He filled the glass with wine.
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Definitions of filled
1. filled - (usually followed by `with' or used as a combining form) generously supplied with; "theirs was a house filled with laughter"; "a large hall filled with rows of desks"; "fog-filled air"
  full having the normally expected amount; "gives full measure"; "gives good measure"; "a good mile from here"
  combining form a bound form used only in compounds; "`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'"
2. filled - of purchase orders that have been filled
  unfilled of purchase orders that have not been filled
  fulfil, fulfill, satisfy, fill, meet make happy or satisfied
3. filled - (of time) taken up; "well-filled hours"
  occupied resided in; having tenants; "not all the occupied (or tenanted) apartments were well kept up"
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