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fixed in Swedish

amountadjective avgjord, beslutad
  lookadjective stel, stirrande
  positionadjective stadig, fast, stabil
  timeadjective fastställd
  attachedadjective vidfäst, fastsittande, vidhängande
  agreed uponadjective fastställd, bestämd
  repairedadjective reparerad, fixad
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They haven't fixed a date for their wedding yet.
My father fixed a broken chair.
I've fixed the radio for him.
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Definitions of fixed
1. fixed - securely placed or fastened or set; "a fixed piece of wood"; "a fixed resistor"
  unfixed not firmly placed or set or fastened
  secure free from fear or doubt; easy in mind; "he was secure that nothing will be held against him"
  immobile, fast, firm not capable of movement or of being moved
  geostationary of or having a geosynchronous orbit such that the position in such an orbit is fixed with respect to the earth; "a geostationary satellite"
  geosynchronous of or having an orbit with a fixed period of 24 hours (although the position in the orbit may not be fixed with respect to the earth)
  leaded (of panes of glass) fixed in place by means of thin strips of lead; "leaded windowpanes"
  stationary not capable of being moved; "stationary machinery"
  taped secured or held in place by tape; "carefully taped pieces of glass served as a windowpane"
  unadjustable not adjustable
2. fixed - fixed and unmoving; "with eyes set in a fixed glassy stare"; "his bearded face already has a set hollow look"- Connor Cruise O'Brien; "a face rigid with pain"
  set, rigid
  nonmoving, unmoving not in motion
3. fixed - incapable of being changed or moved or undone; e.g. "frozen prices"; "living on fixed incomes"
  unchangeable not changeable or subject to change; "a fixed and unchangeable part of the germ plasm"-Ashley Montagu; "the unchangeable seasons"; "one of the unchangeable facts of life"
4. fixed - (of a number) having a fixed and unchanging value
  determinate precisely determined or limited or defined; especially fixed by rule or by a specific and constant cause; "a determinate distance"; "a determinate number"; "determinate variations in animals"
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