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indecent in Swedish

commentadjective oanständig, smutsig, obscen, vulgär, anstötlig
  behavioradjective omoralisk, osedlig, otuktig
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Definitions of indecent
1. indecent - offensive to good taste especially in sexual matters; "an earthy but not indecent story"; "an indecent gesture"
  decent conforming to conventions of sexual behavior; "speech in this circle, if not always decent, never became lewd"- George Santayana
  dirty unpleasantly stormy; "there's dirty weather in the offing"
  improper not appropriate for a purpose or occasion; "said all the wrong things"
  indecorous, indelicate lacking propriety and good taste in manners and conduct; "indecorous behavior"
  vulgar, earthy, crude, gross hearty and lusty; "an earthy enjoyment of life"
  hollywood flashy and vulgar; "young white women dressed Hollywood style"; "Hollywood philandering"
  indelicate verging on the indecent; "an indelicate proposition"
  obscene designed to incite to indecency or lust; "the dance often becomes flagrantly obscene"-Margaret Mead
  suggestive tending to suggest something improper or indecent; "a suggestive nod"; "suggestive poses"
2. indecent - not in keeping with accepted standards of what is right or proper in polite society; "was buried with indecent haste"; "indecorous behavior"; "language unbecoming to a lady"; "unseemly to use profanity"; "moved to curb their untoward ribaldry"
  indecorous, unbecoming, uncomely, unseemly, untoward
  improper not appropriate for a purpose or occasion; "said all the wrong things"
3. indecent - offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance; "a bathing suit considered indecent by local standards"
  immodest offending against sexual mores in conduct or appearance
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