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indeterminable in Swedish

general? obestämbar
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Definitions of indeterminable
1. indeterminable - not capable of being definitely decided or ascertained
  determinable capable of being determined or limited or fixed; "determinable velocities"; "matters determinable by law"
  incalculable not capable of being computed or enumerated
  undetermined, indeterminate not yet having been ascertained or determined; "of undetermined species"
  indeterminate not leading to a definite ending or result; "an indeterminate campaign"
  unascertainable, undiscoverable not able to be ascertained; resisting discovery
  unpredictable unknown in advance; "an unpredictable (or indeterminable) future"
2. indeterminable - incapable of being definitely ascertained
  incalculable not capable of being computed or enumerated
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