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botanynoun hirs [u]
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1. millet - any of various small-grained annual cereal and forage grasses of the genera Panicum, Echinochloa, Setaria, Sorghum, and Eleusine
  cereal grass, cereal a breakfast food prepared from grain
  family graminaceae, family gramineae, family poaceae, graminaceae, gramineae, grass family, poaceae the grasses: chiefly herbaceous but some woody plants including cereals; bamboo; reeds; sugar cane
  barn grass, barn millet, barnyard grass, echinochloa crusgalli a coarse annual panic grass; a cosmopolitan weed; occasionally used for hay or grazing
  billion-dollar grass, echinochloa frumentacea, japanese barnyard millet, japanese millet, sanwa millet coarse annual grass cultivated in Japan and southeastern Asia for its edible seeds and for forage; important wildlife food in United States
  eleusine indica, yard grass, yardgrass, wire grass, goose grass coarse annual grass having fingerlike spikes of flowers; native to Old World tropics; a naturalized weed elsewhere
  african millet, coracan, corakan, eleusine coracana, finger millet, kurakkan, ragee, ragi East Indian cereal grass whose seed yield a somewhat bitter flour, a staple in the Orient
  panic grass any grass of the genus Panicum; grown for grain and fodder
  sorghum made from juice of sweet sorghum
2. millet - small seed of any of various annual cereal grasses especially Setaria italica
  food grain, cereal, grain a breakfast food prepared from grain
3. Millet - French painter of rural scenes (1814-1875)
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