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mining in Swedish

generalnoun gruvarbete [n], bergsbruk [n]
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1. mining - the act of extracting ores or coal etc from the earth
  production (law) the act of exhibiting in a court of law; "the appellate court demanded the production of all documents"
  placer mining mining valuable minerals from a placer by washing or dredging
  opencast mining, strip mining the mining of ore or coal from an open mine
2. mining - laying explosive mines in concealed places to destroy enemy personnel and equipment
  defensive measure, defence, defense the act of defending someone or something against attack or injury; "a good boxer needs a good defense"; "defense against hurricanes is an urgent problem"
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Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually from an ore body, vein or seam. Materials recovered by mining include base metals, precious metals, iron, uranium, coal, diamonds, limestone, oil shale, rock salt and potash. Any material that cannot be grown through agricultural processes, or created artificially in a laboratory or factory, is usually mined.

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