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reflection in Swedish

mirrornoun reflexion [u], spegelbild [u]
  mental activitynoun begrundande [n], funderande [n], tänkande [n]
  thoughtnoun anmärkning [u]
  physicsnoun reflexion [u], återspegling [u], spegelbild [u]
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Definitions of reflection
1. reflection - the phenomenon of a propagating wave (light or sound) being thrown back from a surface
  physical phenomenon a natural phenomenon involving the physical properties of matter and energy
  flare (baseball) a fly ball hit a short distance into the outfield
  interreflection reciprocal reflection between two reflecting surfaces; "there was interreflection between the two surfaces of the lens"
  virtual image a reflected optical image (as seen in a plane mirror)
  zodiacal light a luminous tract in the sky; a reflection of sunlight from cosmic dust in the plane of the ecliptic; visible just before sunrise and just after sunset
2. reflection - the ability to reflect beams or rays
  reflexion, reflectivity
  physical property any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions
  sound reflection, reverberation, echo, replication an imitation or repetition; "the flower arrangement was created as an echo of a client's still life"
  echo an imitation or repetition; "the flower arrangement was created as an echo of a client's still life"
3. reflection - (mathematics) a transformation in which the direction of one axis is reversed
  transformation the act of changing in form or shape or appearance; "a photograph is a translation of a scene onto a two-dimensional surface"
  math, mathematics, maths a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with the logic of quantity and shape and arrangement
4. reflection - the image of something as reflected by a mirror (or other reflective material); "he studied his reflection in the mirror"
  ikon, icon, image, picture a conventional religious painting in oil on a small wooden panel; venerated in the Eastern Church
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