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reshuffle in Swedish

politicsnoun ombildning [u]
  games - cardsverb blanda om
  politicsverb ombilda
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Definitions of reshuffle
1. reshuffle - shuffling again; "the gambler demanded a reshuffle"
  make, shuffle, shuffling the act of mixing cards haphazardly
  card game, cards a game played with playing cards
2. reshuffle - a redistribution of something; "there was a reshuffle of cabinet officers"
  reallotment, reapportionment, reallocation a new apportionment (especially a new apportionment of congressional seats in the United States on the basis of census results)
1. reshuffle - shuffle again; "So as to prevent cheating, he was asked to reshuffle the cards"
  shuffle, mix, ruffle mix so as to make a random order or arrangement; "shuffle the cards"
  card game, cards a game played with playing cards
2. reshuffle - reorganize and assign posts to different people; "The new Prime Minister reshuffled his cabinet"
  rearrange put into a new order or arrangement; "Please rearrange these files"; "rearrange the furniture in my room"
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