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politicsverb avskilja
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1. segregate - someone who is or has been segregated
  mortal, somebody, someone, individual, person, soul a single organism
1. segregate - separate by race or religion; practice a policy of racial segregation; "This neighborhood is segregated"; "We don't segregate in this county"
  desegregate, integrate, mix open (a place) to members of all races and ethnic groups; "This school is completely desegregated"
  single out, discriminate, separate select from a group; "She was singled out for her outstanding performance"
2. segregate - separate or isolate (one thing) from another and place in a group apart from others; "the sun segregates the carbon"; "large mining claims are segregated into smaller claims"
  insulate, isolate protect from heat, cold, or noise by surrounding with insulating material; "We had his bedroom insulated before winter came"
3. segregate - divide from the main body or mass and collect; "Many towns segregated into new counties"; "Experiments show clearly that genes segregate"
  part, divide, separate perform a division; "Can you divide 49 by seven?"
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