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supervisor in Swedish

work - mannoun överuppsyningsman [u], uppsyningsman [u]
  work - womannoun överuppsyningsman [u], uppsyningsman [u]
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1. supervisor - one who supervises or has charge and direction of
  higher-up, superordinate, superior a town in northwest Wisconsin on Lake Superior across from Duluth
  bell captain the supervisor of bellboys in a hotel
  counsellor, counselor someone who gives advice about problems
  den mother a woman who supervises a den of Cub Scouts
  theater director, theatre director, director someone who controls resources and expenditures
  honcho, foreman, chief, gaffer, boss a person who exercises control over workers; "if you want to leave early you have to ask the foreman"
  forewoman a woman in charge of a group of workers
  overseer, superintendent a person who directs and manages an organization
  oyabun a Japanese supervisor
  proctor, monitor someone who supervises (an examination)
  director of research, research director a supervisor in a research center
  stage manager, stager someone who supervises the physical aspects in the production of a show and who is in charge of the stage when the show is being performed
  system administrator a person in charge of managing and maintaining a computer system of telecommunication system (as for a business or institution)
  taskmaster someone who imposes hard or continuous work
  trail boss the person responsible for driving a herd of cattle
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A supervisor, foreperson, team leader, overseer, cell coach, facilitator, or area coordinator is a manager in business. The US Bureau of Census.

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