English-Swedish translation of tic

Translation of the word tic from english to swedish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

tic in Swedish

medicinenoun tic [u], nervös ryckning [u]
Synonyms for tic
Derived terms of tic
abusive criticism, acetic, acetic acid, achromatic, acoustic, acoustically, acoustics, acrobatic, acrobatics, acrostic, aerobatics, aeronautic, aeronautics, aesthetic, aesthetically, aesthetics, agnostic, agnosticism, alphabetic, alphabetical, alphabetically, altruistic, amniotic fluid, anachronistic, anaesthetic, analytic, anesthetic, anorectic, anoretic, antagonistic, Antarctic, Antarctica, antibiotic, anticipate, anticipation, anticlerical, anticlimax, anticlockwise, anticyclone, antiparticle
antipathetic, antisemitic, anti-Semitic, antiseptic, aortic, apathetic, apathetically, aphoristic, apocalyptic, apolitical, apologetic, apoplectic, applied linguistics, apprentice, apprenticed, apprenticeship, aquatic, arctic, Arctic, aristocratic, aristocratically, arithmetic, arithmetical, arithmetically, armistice, aromatic, arthritic, artichoke, article, articulate, articulated, articulation, artistic, ascetic, ascetically, asceticism, aseptic, Asiatic, asthmatic, astigmatic, astronautics, atavistic, atheistic, athletic, athletics, Atlantic, attic, authentic, authentically, authenticate, authenticate by a notary, authentication, authenticity, autistic, autocratic, autocratically, automatic, automatic pilot, automatically, axiomatic, ballistic, ballistic missile, ballistics, Baltic, basaltic, be characteristic of, be noticeable, be very noticeable, beautician, body politic, bombastic, bombastically, bring somebody to justice, bronchitic, broomstick, Buddhistic, Buddhistical, bureaucratic, Calvinistical, candlestick, canticle, capitalistic, cataleptic, caustic, Celtic, chaotic, chaotically, characteristic, characteristically, charismatic, chauvinistic, Chief Justice, chopsticks, chromatic, clause in the articles, climactic, climatic, communistic, contrary to his usual practice, cosmetic, cosmetician, cosmetics, court of justice, criminal justice, critic, critical, critically, criticism, criticize, criticizing, cryptic, cryptically, cuticle, cybernetics, definite article, democratic, democratically, demotic, despotic, despotical, despotically, diabetic, diacritic, diagnostic, diagrammatic, didactic, didactical, didactically, dietetic, dietetical, dietetics, dietician, diplomatic, dipstick, disposable article, diuretic, diversionary tactic, do gymnastics, dogmatic, dogmatically, domestic, domestic science, domesticate, domesticated, domesticity, dramatic, dramatically, dramatics, drastic, drastically, drumstick, dynastic, dyslectic, dyspeptic, ecclesiastic, ecclesiastical, eclectic, eclecticism, ecliptic, ecstatic, ecstatically, egoistic, egoistical, egoistically, egotistic, egotistical, elastic, elastic band, elasticity, electrolytic, electromagnetic, electrostatic, electrostatics, elliptic, elliptical, elliptically, emblematic, emetic, emphatic, emphatically, energetic, energetic person, energetically, enigmatic, enigmatically, enthusiastic, enthusiastically, entice, enticing, epigrammatic, epileptic, erotic, erotica, eroticism, erratic, erratically, escape someone's notice, esthetic, euphemistic, euphemistically, European Court of Justice, exotic, exotic plants, fanatic, fanatical, fanaticism, fantastic, fantastically, fatalistic, fiddlestick, fish stick, foamed plastic, food articles, frantic, frenetic, frenetical, futuristic, genetic, genetic engineering, geneticist, genetics, geopolitics, gesticulate, gesticulation, gigantic, give a ticket to, give notice, go into politics, grammatical, granitic, group practice, gymnastic, gymnastics, harshly critical, health fanatic, hectic, heretic, heretical, hermaphroditic, hermetic, hermetical, hermetically, heuristic, heuristics, horticulture, horticulturist, humanistic, hydrostatics, hypercritical, hypocritical, hypothetical, hypothetically, iconoclastic, idealistic, identical, identical twins, idiomatic, imperialistic, impolitic, impracticable, impractical, in anticipation, in anticipation of, in practice, inarticulate, inarticulately, inartistic, indefinite article, individualistic, inelastic, infanticide, injustice, insecticide, International Court of Justice, interstice, Islamitic, jingoistic, journalistic, justice, Justice of the Peace, kinetic, kinetics, lactic, lattice, latticework, leading article, linguistic, linguistics, lipstick, logistic, logistics, luetic, lunatic, lymphatic, macrobiotic, magnetic, magnetic field, magnetic tape, majestic, make stick, malpractice, masochistic, mastic, masticate, masticating, materialistic, mathematical, mathematician, mathematics, melodramatic, melodramatically, mental arithmetic, meticulous, meticulously, meticulousness, monastic, monasticism, monotheistic, morganatic, multicolor, multicolored, mystic, mystical, mysticism, narcissistic, narcotic, narcotic addiction, narcotics, nationalistic, naturalistic, nautical, nautical mile, nephritic, neurotic, nightstick, nihilistic, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, notice, notice of appeal, notice of objection, notice to the contrary, noticeable, noticeably, novelistic, numismatic, numismatics, obituary notice, operatic, opportunistic, optic, optical, optical illusion, optician, optics, optimistic, orgiastic, orthodontics, osmotic, pacifistic, panchromatic, pancreatic, pantheistic, paradigmatic, paradigmatical, parasitic, parasitical, parenthetic, participant, participate, participate in, participation, participator, participial, participle, particle, particular, particular about, particular over, particularization, particularize, particularized, particularly, past participle, pasticcio, pastiche, pathetic, patriotic, pedantic, peptic ulcer, perfect participle, peripatetic, pessimistic, pesticide, petticoat, pharmaceutical, phlegmatic, phlegmatical, phonetic, phonetician, phonetics, phrenetic, plastic, plastic bomb, plastic explosive, plastic foam, plastic surgery, plasticene, Plasticine, plasticity, plasticize, plutocratic, pneumatic, pneumatic drill, pneumatics, poetic, poetical, politic, political, political asylum, political creed, political economics, political persuasion, political science, politician, politics, polytheistic, portico, poultice, practicability, practicable, practical, practical joke, practicality, practically, practice, practiced, pragmatic, present participle, principle article, prismatic, problematic, problematical, problematically, prognosticate, prognostication, prophetic, prophylactic, provision in the articles, psychoanalytic, psychosomatic, psychotic, public notice, pyretic, quadratic equation, quixotic, rationalistic, realistic, realistically, remedial gymnastics, reticent, reticle, reticulum, rheumatic, rheumatic fever, ritualistic, robotics, romantic, romanticism, romanticize, round-trip ticket, rustic, sabbatical, sadistic, sarcastic, sarcastically, schematic, schismatic, scholastic, scholastically, sciatic, sciatica, self-criticism, semantic, semantically, semantics, semeiotics, semiautomatic, semiotics, Semitic, septic, septic tank, septicemia, simplistic, skeptic, skeptical, skepticism, slapstick, Social Democratic, Socratic, solidaristic, solstice, sophistical, sophisticated, spastic, spiritistic, spiritualistic, stamp of authenticity, static, statical, statics, statistical, statistician, statistics, stick, stick at, stick by, stick in one's memory, stick insect, stick one's nose in, stick one's nose in other people's business, stick out for, stick out one's tongue, stick to, stick to one's principles, stick to the point, stick to the rules, stick together, stick up, stick up for, stick with one's principles, sticker, stickiness, sticking, sticking plaster, sticking point, stick-in-the-mud, stickleback, stickler, stick-on, stickup, sticky, stipulation in the articles, stylistic, stylistics, styptic, surrealistic, swizzle stick, sybaritic, sympathetic, symptomatic, syntactic, synthetic, synthetics, syphilitic, systematic, systematically, tactic, tactical, tactician, tactics, testicle, theoretical, theoretically, therapeutic, therapeutics, thermoplastic, throw-away article, tick, ticket, ticket collector, ticking, tickle, ticklish, tick-tack-toe, transatlantic, traumatic, traumatic fever, uncritical, unnoticed, unrealistic, unskeptical, unsophisticated, unsympathetic, Vatican, vertical, viticulture, walking stick, witticism, yardstick, analytical, antiasthmatic, Antichrist, anticoagulant, anxiolytic, apologetically, arctic fox, arithmetics, articulateness, artistically, automatic gear-change, automatic loader, automatic shutdown, Baltic Sea, cabalistic, cathartic, certificate of apprenticeship, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, cinematic, Connecticut, Coptic, cosmetic powder, cosmopolitical, cystic, deterministic, diacritical, diaphragmatic, domestic help, domestic product, domestically, emplastic, eulogistic, fiber optics, frantically, franticness, Gross Domestic Product, hepatic, holistic, horticultural, hypnotic, identicard, idiosyncratic, idiotic, juristic, kinematic, Leviticus, magnetical, magnetically, majestically, mastic tree, mastication, mortician, muriatic, nonelastic, northern lights notice, optical drive, paralytic, post a notice, posttraumatic, recidivistic, reticence, reticular, romantically, sceptical, schematically, scratch lottery ticket, season ticket, semanticist, septicaemia, ski stick, small stick, sophistication, stick to the facts, sticky mess, synergistic, ticket inspector, ticket office, ticket window, ticket-window, torticollis, unemphatic, ungrammatical, unnoticeable, urticaria, vaticinate, abarticulation, abatic, abdominal aortic aneurysm, abiogenetic, aborticide, abronia elliptica, absolutistic, acanthophis antarcticus, acanthotic, acapnotic, acatalectic, acetic anhydride, acetoacetic acid, acherontic, acheta domestica, achondritic, achondroplastic, achromatic color, achromatic colour, achromatic lens, achromatic vision, achromaticity, acidotic, acoustic aphasia, acoustic buoy, acoustic delay line, acoustic device, acoustic gramophone, acoustic guitar, acoustic impedance, acoustic meatus, acoustic modem, acoustic nerve, acoustic phenomenon, acoustic power, acoustic projection, acoustic radiation pressure, acoustic reactance, acoustic resistance, acoustic spectrum, acoustic storage, acoustic wave, acoustical, acoustician, acousticophobia, acritical, acrobatic feat, acrobatic stunt, acrostichum, acrostichum aureum, actinomycotic, activistic, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, acute lymphocytic leukemia, acute myelocytic leukemia, adiabatic, adiabatic process, adrenal cortical steroid, adrenocortical, adrenocorticotrophic, adrenocorticotrophic hormone, adrenocorticotrophin, adrenocorticotropic, adrenocorticotropic hormone, adrenocorticotropin, adriatic, adriatic sea, adventuristic, aerobiotic, aerolitic, aeronautical, aeronautical engineer, aeronautical engineering, aesthetical, aesthetician, afro-asiatic, afroasiatic, afroasiatic language, agamogenetic, agnatic, agnostical, agonistic, agonistical, agranulocytic, agrestic, agrypnotic, airplane ticket, akinetic epilepsy, albinistic, albinotic, albitic, alchemistic, alchemistical, alcohol amnestic disorder, aliphatic, aliphatic compound, alisma plantago-aquatica, alkahestic, alkalotic, allamanda cathartica, allied command atlantic, alpha particle, alphabetic character, alphabetic script, alphabetic writing, altruistically, amaurotic, american dog tick, amino plastic, amitotic, ammonitic, amnestic, amnestic aphasia, amniotic, amniotic cavity, amniotic sac, amoristic, amorpha fruticosa, amphibiotic, amphiprotic, amylolytic, anabatic, anabiotic, anaclitic, anaclitic depression, anaerobiotic, anaesthetic agent, anaglyptic, anaglyptical, anagrammatic, anagrammatical, analeptic, analgetic, analphabetic, analytic geometry, analytic thinking, analytical balance, analytical cubism, analytical geometry, analytical review, analyticity, anamnestic, anamnestic reaction, anamnestic response, anapaestic, anapestic, anaphylactic, anaphylactic shock, anaplastic, anarchistic, anastatica, anastatica hierochuntica, anastigmatic, anastigmatic lens, anastomotic, anastomotic vein, anchoritic, androgenetic, anecdotic, anecdotical, anesthetic agent, aneurismatic, aneurysmatic, animalistic, animatistic, animistic, anisogametic, ankylotic, annalistic, annona reticulata, anomalistic month, anomalistic year, anorthitic, anosmatic, antagonistic muscle, antarctic circle, antarctic continent, antarctic ocean, antarctic peninsula, antarctic zone, anthelmintic, anthracitic, anthropogenetic, antiballistic missile, antibiotic drug, antic, anticancer, anticatalyst, anticholinergic, anticholinergic drug, anticholinesterase, anticipant, anticipated, anticipative, anticipator, anticipatory, anticipatory breach, anticlimactic, anticlimactical, anticlinal, anticoagulant medication, anticoagulation, anticoagulative, anticonvulsant, anticonvulsant drug, anticyclonic, antidiabetic, antidiabetic drug, antidiuretic, antidiuretic drug, antidiuretic hormone, antiemetic, antiemetic drug, antiepileptic, antiepileptic drug, antiferromagnetic, antiheretical, antimagnetic, antimycotic, antimycotic agent, antineoplastic, antineoplastic antibiotic, antineoplastic drug, antipathetical, antiphlogistic, antipruritic, antipsychotic, antipsychotic agent, antipsychotic drug, antipyretic, antisepticize, antisyphilitic, antithetic, antithetical, anuretic, anxiolytic drug, aoristic, aortic aneurysm, aortic arch, aortic orifice, aortic plexus, aortic stenosis, aortic valve, apatetic coloration, aphaeretic, aphanitic, apheretic, aphetic, aphotic, aplanatic, aplastic anaemia, aplastic anemia, aplitic, apocalyptical, apochromatic, apodeictic, apodemus sylvaticus, apodictic, apogametic, apologetics, apomictic, apomictical, aponeurotic, apopemptic, apophatic, aposematic coloration, aposiopetic, apothegmatic, apothegmatical, applied mathematics, apractic, apyretic tetanus, aquatic bird, aquatic fern, aquatic mammal, aquatic plant, aquatic vertebrate, aquatics, araneus cavaticus, archaistic, arctic archipelago, arctic char, arctic circle, arctic ground squirrel, arctic hare, arctic moss, arctic mouse-ear, arctic ocean, arctic poppy, arctic skua, arctic willow, arctic wolf, arctic zone, arctictis, arctictis bintourong, arcus zygomaticus, argentic, aristocratical, arithmetic mean, arithmetic operation, arithmetic progression, arithmetician, armistice day, armoracia rusticana, aromatic aster, aromatic compound, aromatic hydrocarbon, art critic, artemis pontica, arteria cystica, arteria hepatica, arteria pancreatica, arteria testicularis, arteriosclerotic, artichoke heart, artichoke plant, article of clothing, article of commerce, article of faith, article of furniture, articled, articles of agreement, articles of confederation, articles of incorporation, articular, articular muscle, articulary, articulated lorry, articulately, articulatio, articulatio coxae, articulatio cubiti, articulatio genus, articulatio humeri, articulatio plana, articulatio radiocarpea, articulatio spheroidea, articulatio synovialis, articulatio talocruralis, articulatio temporomandibularis, articulatio trochoidea, articulative, articulator, articulatory, articulatory system, artistic creation, artistic movement, artistic production, artistic style, ascetical, ascitic, asclepias subverticillata, asclepias verticillata, asiatic beetle, asiatic black bear, asiatic buffalo, asiatic cholera, asiatic cockroach, asiatic flu, asiatic flying squirrel, asiatic shrew mole, asiatic sweetleaf, aspartic acid, asphaltic, astatic, astatic coils, astatic galvanometer, astrocytic, astronautic, astronautical, asymptomatic, asymptotic, asyndetic, atactic, atactic abasia, ataractic, ataractic agent, ataractic drug, ateleiotic, atheistical, atheromatic, atherosclerotic, athletic competition, athletic contest, athletic facility, athletic field, athletic game, athletic sock, athletic supporter, athletic training, athletic type, athletic wear, athleticism, atlantic bonito, atlantic bottlenose dolphin, atlantic city, atlantic coast, atlantic cod, atlantic croaker, atlantic halibut, atlantic herring, atlantic manta, atlantic moonfish, atlantic ocean, atlantic puffin, atlantic ridley, atlantic sailfish, atlantic salmon, atlantic sea bream, atlantic spiny dogfish, atlantic standard time, atlantic time, atlantic tripletail, atlantic walrus, atlantic white cedar, atmospheric static, atomistic, atomistic theory, atomistical, atonalistic, attic fan, attica, atticus, atticus atlas, augitic, austenitic, austenitic manganese steel, austenitic steel, austro-asiatic, austro-asiatic language, authenticated, authenticator, autocatalytic, autodidactic, autoerotic, autoeroticism, autogenetic, autolytic, automatic choke, automatic data processing, automatic data processing system, automatic drive, automatic face recognition, automatic firearm, automatic pistol, automatic rifle, automatic teller, automatic teller machine, automatic transmission, automatic washer, autophytic, autophytic plant, autoplastic, autosemantic, auxetic, avifaunistic, avitaminotic, axiomatical, azotic, bacchantic, bacteriolytic, bacteriostatic, balaena mysticetus, balletic, ballistic capsule, ballistic fingerprinting, ballistic galvanometer, ballistic identification, ballistic missile defense organization, ballistic pendulum, ballistic trajectory, baltic-finnic, baltic language, baltic republic, baltic state, baptistic, baptistic doctrine, barytic, bathetic, batholitic, bauxitic, beggar's-ticks, beggar-ticks, behavioristic, behavioristic psychology, behaviouristic, behaviouristic psychology, belemnitic, belletristic, benign prostatic hyperplasia, bentonitic, beta particle, bibliotic, bibliotics, big-ticket, big stick, bill of particulars, bill sticker, billystick, bimetallistic, binary arithmetic operation, biocatalytic, bioclimatic, biogenetic, biologistic, biometric authentication, biostatistics, biosynthetic, biosystematic, biosystematics, biotic, biotic community, biotitic, biquadratic, biquadratic equation, biquadratic polynomial, bitumastic, black-legged tick, blastematic, blastodermatic, blastogenetic, blastomycotic, blood-oxygenation level dependent functional magnetic resonance imaging, bluetick, bolshevistic, book of leviticus, bose-einstein statistics, botticelli, brattice, bravais lattice, bread-stick, breadstick, bregmatic, briticism, browning automatic rifle, bryophytic, buckleya distichophylla, bureau of diplomatic security, bureau of justice assistance, bureau of justice statistics, bureaucratic procedure, bus ticket, cachectic, calamagrostic quadriseta, calamintha sylvatica, calcitic, calvinistic, calvinistic baptist, campanula carpatica, canaanitic, canaanitic language, candlestick tulip, cannibalistic, canticle of canticles, canticle of simeon, canticles, capital of connecticut, carrot stick, carya aquatica, carya myristicaeformis, carya myristiciformis, casuistic, casuistical, catabatic, catabatic wind, catachrestic, catachrestical, catalatic, catalectic, catalytic, catalytic converter, catalytic cracker, cataphatic, cataphoretic, cataplastic, catapultic, catechetic, catechetical, catechetical instruction, catechistic, categorematic, cathectic, caustic lime, caustic potash, caustic remark, caustic soda, caustically, cedrus atlantica, celastric articulatus, celery stick, celtic cross, celtic deity, celtic language, cenobitic, cenobitical, cenogenetic, centralistic, cerotic acid, chaotic attractor, characteristic curve, characteristic root of a square matrix, chemotherapeutic, chemotherapeutical, cheoplastic metal, chiasma opticum, chiasmatic, chicken drumstick, chiliastic, chiromantic, chiropractic, chlorotic, chondritic, chopstick, chromatic aberration, chromatic color, chromatic colour, chromatic scale, chromatic vision, chromaticity, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, chronic myelocytic leukemia, cinclus aquaticus, citrus reticulata, citta del vaticano, cladistic analysis, cladistics, class hepaticae, class hepaticopsida, classicistic, clastic, clastic rock, clematis tangutica, clematis verticillaris, climatic zone, climatical, coefficient of elasticity, coenobitic, coenobitical, cognitive semantics, coleus aromaticus, collectivistic, cometic, commission on narcotic drugs, commutation ticket, computational linguistics, conceptual semantics, conceptualistic, concretistic, connecticut river, connecticuter, control stick, conventicle, copacetic, copasetic, copesetic, copesettic, coptic church, correlational statistics, cortical, cortical area, cortical epilepsy, cortical potential, cortical region, corticifugal, corticipetal, corticium, corticium salmonicolor, corticium solani, corticoafferent, corticoefferent, corticofugal, corticoid, corticospinal tract, corticosteroid, corticosterone, corticotrophin, corticotropin, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic surgeon, cosmetic surgery, court of domestic relations, cracticidae, cracticus, critical analysis, critical angle, critical appraisal, critical mass, critical point, critical review, criticality, criticalness, criticise, crocodylus niloticus, cross-linguistic, cryptanalytic, cryptanalytics, cryptic coloration, cryptical, cryptobiotic, cryptogramma acrostichoides, crystal lattice, cubistic, cucumis melo reticulatus, cue stick, curcuma domestica, cushitic, cuticula, cuticular, cyanogenetic, cybernetic, cynoglossum virginaticum, cystic artery, cystic breast disease, cystic fibrosis, cystic mastitis, cystic vein, cytogenetic, cytogenetical, cytogeneticist, cytogenetics, cytokinetic, cytolytic, cytoplasmatic, cytoplastic, czaristic, dacitic, dactyloctenium aegypticum, dangling participle, decorticate, decortication, deer tick, defense logistics agency, deictic, deictic word, deistic, democratic-republican party, democratic and popular republic of algeria, democratic front for the liberation of palestine, democratic party, democratic people's republic of korea, democratic republic of sao tome and principe, democratic republic of the congo, democratic socialist republic of sri lanka, demotic script, dendritic, dendroaspis augusticeps, dental practice, denticle, denticulate, denticulate leaf, deontic logic, deparia acrostichoides, department of justice, department of justice canada, department of linguistics, department of mathematics, derris elliptica, descriptive linguistics, desertic soil, detick, device characteristic, devil's walking stick, diabatic, diabetic acidosis, diabetic coma, diabetic diet, diachronic linguistics, diacritical mark, diagnostic assay, diagnostic procedure, diagnostic program, diagnostic technique, diagnostic test, diagnostician, diagnostics, diagrammatical, diagrammatically, dialectic, dialectical, dialectical materialism, dialectician, dialectics, diamagnetic, dianoetic, diaphoretic, diaphragmatic hernia, diaphragmatic pleurisy, diarrhetic, diarrhoetic, dichromatic, dicksonia antarctica, didacticism, didactics, diplomatic building, diplomatic corps, diplomatic immunity, diplomatic minister, diplomatic mission, diplomatic negotiations, diplomatic pouch, diplomatic service, diplomatical, diplomatically, disarticulate, dislogistic, dispersed particles, distich, distinguishing characteristic, distribution free statistic, diuretic drug, diverticulitis, diverticulosis, diverticulum, dizygotic, dizygotic twin, do justice, dogmatical, dolomitic, domestic animal, domestic ass, domestic carp, domestic cat, domestic dog, domestic flight, domestic fowl, domestic goat, domestic llama, domestic partner, domestic pigeon, domestic prelate, domestic relations court, domestic sheep, domestic silkworm moth, domestic terrorism, domestic violence, domestication, domesticise, domesticize, downtick, doxastic logic, drama critic, dramatic art, dramatic composition, dramatic event, dramatic irony, dramatic performance, dramatic play, dramatic production, dramatic work, drepanocytic anaemia, drepanocytic anemia, drumstick tree, dtic, dualistic, dyslogistic, dysphemistic, dysplastic, ecclesiastical attire, ecclesiastical benefice, ecclesiastical calendar, ecclesiastical law, ecclesiastical mode, ecclesiastical province, ecclesiastical robe, ecclesiasticism, ecclesiasticus, eclectic method, eclecticist, ecstatic state, eczema herpeticum, egotistically, eidetic, elamitic, elastic bandage, elastic device, elastic energy, elastic modulus, elastic potential energy, elastic tissue, elasticised, elasticity of shear, elasticized, electro-acoustic transducer, electrolytic capacitor, electrolytic cell, electrolytic condenser, electromagnetic delay line, electromagnetic interaction, electromagnetic intrusion, electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic spectrum, electromagnetic unit, electromagnetic wave, electromagnetics, electron optics, electron paramagnetic resonance, electrophoretic, electrostatic bond, electrostatic charge, electrostatic field, electrostatic generator, electrostatic machine, electrostatic printer, electrostatic unit, elementary particle, elliptic geometry, elliptic leaf, ellipticity, emblematical, embryotic, emoticon, empathetic, empathetically, enatic, encaustic, encomiastic, endamoeba histolytica, endermatic, endodontic, endodontics, endogenetic, endoparasitic, enigmatic canon, enigmatical, enigmatical canon, enticement, enzootic, enzymatic, epenthetic, epideictic, epideictic oratory, epideictical, epileptic seizure, epiphytic, epiphytic plant, epiphytotic, epizootic, equisetum sylvaticum, eragrostic abyssinica, eremitic, eremitical, ergotic, eriocaulon aquaticum, eristic, eristical, erotic love, eroticize, eryngium aquaticum, erythropoietic, esthetical, esthetically, esthetician, esthetics, eucalypt tereticornis, eucaryotic, eucharistic, eucharistic liturgy, eugenia aromaticum, eukaryotic, euphorbia antisyphilitica, eurasiatic, european beggar-ticks, eutamius asiaticus, eutectic, evangelistic, exegetic, exegetical, exhibitionistic, exodontic, exodontics, exotic belly dancer, exotic dancer, exoticism, exoticness, expressionistic, extragalactic, extragalactic nebula, extralinguistic, factor analytic, factor analytical, fagus sylvatica, fagus sylvatica atropunicea, fagus sylvatica pendula, fagus sylvatica purpurea, falco rusticolus, family cracticidae, family myristicaceae, family naticidae, family practice, family stichaeidae, family urticaceae, fantastical, fasciola hepatica, fascistic, feature article, federal democratic republic of ethiopia, felis domesticus, fencing stick, fermi-dirac statistics, ferromagnetic, fetich, fetichism, feticide, feudalistic, fiber-optic, fiber-optic transmission system, fiber optic cable, fiberoptic, fiberoptics, fibre-optic, fibre-optic transmission system, fibre optic cable, fibre optics, fibreoptic, fibreoptics, fibrocystic breast disease, fibrocystic disease of the breast, fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, ficus elastica, first vatican council, fisticuffs, fistulina hepatica, fleet ballistic missile submarine, fluorocarbon plastic, for all practical purposes, formal semantics, formalistic, fort ticonderoga, fratercula arctica, frenetically, frequency-response characteristic, fritillaria mutica, fruticose, fruticulose, fuchsia excorticata, fugitive from justice, functional magnetic resonance imaging, fundamental particle, fundamentalistic, futuristics, galactic, gates of the arctic national park, gavialis gangeticus, gearstick, general anaesthetic, general anesthetic, generally accepted accounting practices, genetic abnormality, genetic code, genetic constitution, genetic counseling, genetic defect, genetic disease, genetic disorder, genetic endowment, genetic fingerprint, genetic fingerprinting, genetic map, genetic marker, genetic mutation, genetic profiling, genetic psychology, genetic science, genetic screening, genetical, geneticism, genus acrostichum, genus anastatica, genus arctictis, genus atticus, genus corticium, genus cracticus, genus hepatica, genus levisticum, genus masticophis, genus menticirrhus, genus myristica, genus nycticebus, genus nycticorax, genus perodicticus, genus platichthys, genus polystichum, genus psettichthys, genus reticulitermes, genus rypticus, genus sticherus, genus stictomys, genus stictopelia, genus tichodroma, genus triticum, genus urtica, genus verticillium, genus vorticella, geodetic, geoffroea decorticans, geophytic, geopolitical, german democratic republic, gesticulating, gleditsia aquatica, globe artichoke, glucocorticoid, glutamic oxalacetic transaminase, glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase, glyptic art, glyptics, gnaphalium sylvaticum, gnostic, gnosticism, go ballistic, grammatic, grammatical case, grammatical category, grammatical constituent, grammatical construction, grammatical gender, grammatical meaning, grammatical relation, grammatical rule, grammatically, granulocytic, granulocytic leukemia, graticule, greenstick fracture, grewia asiatica, group participation, gum elastic, gymanstic exercise, gymnastic apparatus, gymnastic exercise, gymnastic horse, haematic, haematopoietic, haemolytic, haemolytic anaemia, haemopoietic, hamitic, hamitic language, hamito-semitic, hanseatic league, haptic, haptic sensation, haptically, hard tick, heavy particle, hectically, hedonistic, hellenistic, hellenistical, helvetica, hematic, hematopoeitic stem cell, hematopoietic, hemiparasitic, hemolytic, hemolytic anemia, hemopoietic, hemorrhagic septicemia, hemostatic, hepatic artery, hepatic coma, hepatic duct, hepatic lobe, hepatic portal vein, hepatic tanager, hepatic vein, hepatica, hepaticae, hepaticopsida, hepatolenticular degeneration, hermannia verticillata, hermeneutic, hermeneutics, hermitic, hermitical, heuristic program, heuristic rule, hidrotic, hieratic, hieratic script, hieratical, high-ticket, higher criticism, hippocratic, hippocratic oath, hirundo rustica, histiocytic leukaemia, histiocytic leukemia, historical linguistics, hockey stick, holistic medicine, holistic theory, holophytic, homeostatic, homeotic gene, homiletic, homiletical, homiletics, homochromatic, homoerotic, homoeroticism, horse tick, humanistic discipline, hydrilla verticillata, hydrokinetic, hydrokinetics, hydrophytic, hydrophytic plant, hydrostatic, hydrostatic head, hydroxyacetic acid, hyemoschus aquaticus, hygrophytic, hyoscyamus muticus, hyperadrenocorticism, hypercatalectic, hyperkinetic syndrome, hypnotic trance, hypoadrenocorticism, hypoplastic anaemia, hypoplastic anemia, hypoplastic dwarf, hypothetic, hypothetical creature, hypothetical imperative, ictic, identical twin, identicalness, identification particle, idiomatic expression, idiomatical, illecebrum verticullatum, immunotherapeutic, impracticability, impracticableness, impracticality, impressionistic, in particular, inaesthetic, inauthentic, indian tick fever, indigofera suffruticosa, indoleacetic acid, inelasticity, infantile amaurotic idiocy, informatics, inhalation anaesthetic, inhalation anesthetic, inhalation general anaesthetic, inhalation general anesthetic, insecticidal, integrated logistic support, intercontinental ballistic missile, intergalactic, intergalactic space, internal spermatic artery, international logistic support, international nautical mile, international wanted notice, internationalistic, interscholastic, intralinguistic, intravenous anesthetic, iresine reticulata, iritic, isolationistic, isosmotic, isosmotic solution, j particle, jaboticaba, jaboticaba tree, jerusalem artichoke, jerusalem artichoke sunflower, jesuitic, jesuitical, joss stick, joystick, juncus articulatus, just-noticeable difference, just the 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Definitions of tic
1. tic - a local and habitual twitching especially in the face
  twitch, twitching, vellication a sudden muscle spasm; especially one caused by a nervous condition
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A tic is a sudden, repetitive, nonrhythmic, stereotyped motor movement or vocalization involving discrete muscle groups. Tics can be invisible to the observer, such as abdominal tensing or toe crunching. Common motor and phonic tics are, respectively, eye blinking and throat clearing.

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