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towel in Swedish

generalnoun handduk [u]
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Bring me a dry towel.
Don't throw in the towel.
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Definitions of towel
1. towel - a rectangular piece of absorbent cloth (or paper) for drying or wiping
  piece of cloth, piece of material a separate part consisting of fabric
  bath towel a large towel; to dry yourself after a bath
  beach towel very large towel to dry yourself after swimming
  dish towel, dishtowel, tea towel a towel for drying dishes
  face towel, hand towel a small towel used to dry the hands or face
  paper towel a disposable towel made of absorbent paper
  roller towel a towel with the ends sewn together, hung on a roller
1. towel - wipe with a towel; "towel your hair dry"
  wipe, pass over rub with a circular motion; "wipe the blackboard"; "He passed his hands over the soft cloth"
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A towel is a piece of absorbent fabric or paper used for drying or wiping. It draws moisture through direct contact, often using a blotting or a rubbing motion.

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