English-Swedish translation of ugh

Translation of the word ugh from english to swedish, with synonyms, antonyms, verb conjugation, pronunciation, anagrams, examples of use.

ugh in Swedish

interjectionother usch, hu
Derived terms of ugh
act haughty towards, afterthought, all through, although, be enough, be given no more thought, be treated by somebody as though you weren't there, borough, bough, break through, breakthrough, browse through, burst through, buy through an installment plan, carry through, clear through customs, come through, cough, coughing, daughter, daughter company, daughter-in-law, distraught, dough, doughnut, doughty, drag through the mud, drive through, drought, edge one's way through, enough, even though, explode with laughter, express the thoughts of, fall through, flick through, force through, forethought, fraught with, funny enough
furlough, get caught, get something through to someone, get through, give a cough, give thought, glance through, go through, goddaughter, granddaughter, hacking cough, haughtiness, haughty, have enough, have enough of, have enough of it, have second thoughts, have the forethought to, hiccough, in deep thought, laugh, laugh inwardly, laugh up one's sleeve, laughable, laughing gas, laughing jackass, laughingstock, laughter, leaf through, let through, line of thought, look as though, manslaughter, more than enough, muddle through, naught, naughtiness, naughty, no through road, no through street, nought, on furlough, on second thought, on second thoughts, onslaught, ought to, overwrought, pass through, percolate through, play dough, ploughed, put through, ramble through, riffle through, roar with laughter, rough, rough copy, rough diamond, roughage, roughen, roughly, roughly speaking, roughness, rove through, run through, rush through, saw through, search through, see one through, see through, see-through, seize somebody roughly, skim through, skip through, slaughter, slaughterhouse, slaughterous, slough, soak through, squeeze through, stepdaughter, strangely enough, strike through, sure enough, talk through one's hat, think through, thorough, thorough search, thoroughbred, thoroughfare, thoroughgoing, thoroughly, thoroughness, though, thought, thoughtful, thoughtfully, thoughtfulness, thoughtless, thoughtlessly, through, through traffic, throughout, throughput, throughway, thumb through, tough, tough as nails, tough customer, tough job, tough nut, toughness, train of thought, travel through, treat someone as though he wasn't there, trough, vote through, wander through, well thought out, wholesale slaughter, whooping cough, with malice aforethought, without thought, work one's way through, wrought iron, baking-trough, brought up, draught, haughtily, laugh at, laughing stock, make rough, ploughshare, rough draft, rough lay-out, self-taught, slaughterer, taught, toughen, toughs, untaught, unthought, unthoughtful, unwrought, wrought-iron gate, abstract thought, aforethought, aleph-nought, aught, baron hugh caswall tremenheere dowding, belly laugh, bellylaugh, berlin doughnut, borough english, boughed, boughless, boughten, bread dough, breeze through, breughel, breughel the elder, bring through, brougham, brought about, bull through, burroughs, caught up, charles evans hughes, charles laughton, chough, clyde tombaugh, clyde william tombaugh, cough drop, cough out, cough up, coughing up, cut through, daughter cell, daughterly, deep in thought, dough-like, doughboy, doughnut-shaped, doughy, draught beer, draught horse, draughts, draughtsman, draughty, dreadnaught, dreadnought, duke of marlborough, edgar rice burroughs, edward james hughes, evelyn arthur saint john waugh, evelyn waugh, first baron marks of broughton, first duke of marlborough, follow-through, follow through, food for thought, forethoughtful, foster-daughter, foster daughter, fraught, free thought, freedom of thought, gainsborough, go through the motions, good-for-naught, good enough, great granddaughter, hard-fought, hector hugh munro, henry oscar houghton, hiccough nut, horselaugh, houghton, howard hughes, howard robard hughes, hugh capet, hugh dowding, hughes, in everyone's thoughts, inwrought, james langston hughes, jelly doughnut, john vanbrugh, katharine houghton hepburn, langston hughes, last laugh, laugh away, laugh line, laugh loudly, laugh off, laugh softly, laugh track, laughably, laugher, laughing, laughing gull, laughing hyena, laughing owl, laughton, lister plough, lough, luck through, lugh, malice aforethought, maugham, maurice hugh frederick wilkins, mother's daughter, mouldboard plough, move through, mugho pine, naughtily, noughts and crosses, ooze through, pass-through, pastry dough, pieter breughel, plough, plough horse, plough on, ploughboy, ploughing, ploughland, ploughman, ploughman's lunch, ploughwright, plughole, pocket borough, pull-through, pull through, push through, raised doughnut, ralph vaughan williams, ride roughshod, rotten borough, rough-and-ready, rough-and-tumble, rough-cut, rough-dry, rough-haired, rough-hew, rough-house, rough-leaved aster, rough-legged hawk, rough-sand, rough-skinned newt, rough-spoken, rough-stemmed goldenrod, rough-textured, rough bindweed, rough bristlegrass, rough cut, rough drawing, rough fish, rough green snake, rough horsetail, rough in, rough out, rough pea, rough rider, rough sledding, rough up, rough water, roughcast, roughdried, roughened, roughhewn, roughhouse, roughish, roughleg, roughneck, roughrider, roughshod, roughtail stingray, run-through, run roughshod, sail through, sarah vaughan, schnittlaugh, school of thought, second thought, self-taught art, shallow-draught, sleeping draught, slice through, sloping trough, slough grass, slough of despond, slough off, sloughing, sloughy, snowplough, somerset maugham, soon enough, sough, soughing, sought, sought-after, sought after, sourdough, sourdough bread, squeak through, store-bought, sure-enough, sweep through, tammy wynetter pugh, ted hughes, thomas gainsborough, thorough bass, thoroughbred race, thoroughbred racing, thoroughwort, thought-image, thought-provoking, thought-reader, thought process, thought transference, thoughtlessness, through an experiment, through and through, through empirical observation, through with, tombaugh, tough-minded, tough-skinned, tough guy, tough luck, toughened, toughie, tughrik, ulugh muz tagh, ulugh muztagh, unforethoughtful, unploughed, unsought, unthought-of, unthoughtfulness, untoughened, vanbrugh, vaughan, vaughan williams, w. somerset maugham, walk-through, walk through, waugh, well-thought-of, whip through, william burroughs, william s. burroughs, william seward burroughs, william somerset maugham, work through, wrought, wystan hugh auden
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