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1. Utah - a state in the western United States; settled in 1847 by Mormons led by Brigham Young
  the states, u.s.a., united states of america, us, america, u.s., united states, usa North America and South America and Central America
  lake powell the second largest reservoir in the United States; located in southern Utah and north central Arizona and formed by the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River
  mormon tabernacle, tabernacle (Judaism) a portable sanctuary in which the Jews carried the Ark of the Covenant on their exodus
  arches national park a national park in Utah including mountains and the Colorado River gorge and huge rock formations caused by erosion
  bryce canyon national park a national park in Utah having multicolored rock erosions
  canyonlands national park a national park in Utah having rock formations and ancient cliff dwellings; canyons of the Green River and the Colorado River
  capitol reef national park a national park in Utah having colorful rock formations and desert plants and wildlife
  zion national park a national park in Utah having huge canyons and gorges carved by mountain rivers
  ogden a town in northern Utah settled by Mormons
  provo a city in north central Utah settled by Mormons
  capital of utah, salt lake city the capital and largest city of Utah; located near the Great Salt Lake in north central Utah; world capital of the Mormon Church
  colorado river, colorado a state in west central United States in the Rocky Mountains
  colorado plateau a large plateau to the south and west of the Rocky Mountains; abuts mountains on the north and east and ends in an escarpment overlooking lowlands to the south and west; the Grand Canyon is carved out of the southwestern corner
  great salt lake a shallow body of salt water in northwestern Utah
  green river, green green color or pigment; resembling the color of growing grass
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Utah is a western state of the United States. It was the 45th state admitted to the Union, on January 4, 1896. Approximately 80% of Utah's 2,784,572 people live along the Wasatch Front, centering on Salt Lake City.

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