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arbitrary in norvegese

generalaggettivo godtykkelig, arbitrær
  behavioraggettivo egenmektig
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Lemma 5 cannot be generalized to arbitrary artinian rings.
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Definizioni di arbitrary
1. arbitrary - based on or subject to individual discretion or preference or sometimes impulse or caprice; "an arbitrary decision"; "the arbitrary rule of a dictator"; "an arbitrary penalty"; "of arbitrary size and shape"; "an arbitrary choice"; "arbitrary division of the group into halves"
  nonarbitrary, unarbitrary not subject to individual determination
  absolute perfect or complete or pure; "absolute loyalty"; "absolute silence"; "absolute truth"; "absolute alcohol"
  whimsical, capricious, impulsive determined by chance or impulse or whim rather than by necessity or reason; "a capricious refusal"; "authoritarian rulers are frequently capricious"; "the victim of whimsical persecutions"
  discretional, discretionary having or using the ability to act or decide according to your own discretion or judgment; "The commission has discretionary power to award extra funds"
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