Inglese-Norvegese traduzione di day trip

La Traduzione della parola day trip da inglese a norvegese, con sinonimi, contrari, coniugazioni dei verbi, pronuncia, anagrammi, esempi di utilizzo.

day trip in norvegese

day trip
travelsostantivo dagstur [u], dagsreise [u]
Anagrammi di day trip
Esempi con traduzione
Did you buy a round trip ticket?
I bought a round-trip ticket.
Jim is about to take a trip to southeast Asia.
We felt dead from the five-hour trip.
Our trip is dependent on the weather.
We were completely exhausted from the five-hour trip.
I'll postpone my trip to England until it gets warmer.
The train was so packed that I had to stand up during the whole trip.
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