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extension in norvegese

generalsostantivo forlenging [u]
  telephonesostantivo anknytning [u]
  timesostantivo forlenging [u], prolongasjon [u]
  expansionsostantivo ekspansjon [u], forstørrelse [u], utstrekning [u]
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1. extension - act of expanding in scope; making more widely available; "extension of the program to all in need"
  enlargement, expansion a photographic print that has been enlarged
  spreading, spread act of extending over a wider scope or expanse of space or time
  stretch extension to or beyond the ordinary limit; "running at full stretch"; "by no stretch of the imagination"; "beyond any stretch of his understanding"
2. extension - act of stretching or straightening out a flexed limb
  flexion, flexure act of bending a joint; especially a joint between the bones of a limb so that the angle between them is decreased
  stretching act of expanding by lengthening or widening
  hyperextension greater than normal extension
3. extension - amount or degree or range to which something extends; "the wire has an extension of 50 feet"
  lengthiness, prolongation
  longness duration as an extension
  coextension equality of extension or duration
4. extension - an educational opportunity provided by colleges and universities to people who are not enrolled as regular students
  didactics, educational activity, pedagogy, teaching, instruction, education the profession of a teacher; "he prepared for teaching while still in college"; "pedagogy is recognized as an important profession"
  extension course a course offered as part of an extension service
5. extension - the ability to raise the working leg high in the air; "the dancer was praised for her uncanny extension"; "good extension comes from a combination of training and native ability"
  property any movable articles or objects used on the set of a play or movie; "before every scene he ran down his checklist of props"
  dance an artistic form of nonverbal communication
6. extension - a string of characters beginning with a period and followed by one or more letters; the optional second part of a PC computer filename; "most applications provide extensions for the files they create"; "most BASIC files use the filename extension .BAS"
  string a lightweight cord
  computer file name, computer filename, file name, filename (computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files; may contain an extension that indicates the type of file
7. extension - an additional telephone set that is connected to the same telephone line
  telephone set, telephone, phone electronic equipment that converts sound into electrical signals that can be transmitted over distances and then converts received signals back into sounds; "I talked to him on the telephone"
8. extension - a mutually agreed delay in the date set for the completion of a job or payment of a debt; "they applied for an extension of the loan"
  time lag, delay, postponement, wait, hold the act of delaying; inactivity resulting in something being put off until a later time
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