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flamboyant in norvegese

gestureaggettivo overdreven
  coloraggettivo praktfull, grann, flammende
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1. flamboyant - marked by ostentation but often tasteless; "a cheap showy rhinestone bracelet"; "a splashy half-page ad"
  showy, splashy
  ostentatious, pretentious intended to attract notice and impress others; "an ostentatious sable coat"
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Flamboyant (from French flamboyant, ""flaming"") is the name given to a florid style of late Gothic architecture in vogue in France, Spain and Portugal during the 15th century; the equivalent period in English architecture is called Perpendicular, and in Germany the Sondergotik. It evolved from the Rayonnant style and was marked by even greater attention to decoration. The name derives from the flame-like windings of its tracery and the dramatic lengthening of pediments and the tops of arches.

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