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officer in norvegese

police - mansostantivo politi [u], politimann [u], politioffiser [u], politikonstabel [u]
  police - womansostantivo politi [u], politioffiser [u], politikonstabel [u]
  mansostantivo funksjonær [u], styreleder [u]
  womansostantivo funksjonær [u], styreleder [u]
  militarysostantivo offiser [u]
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One senator has called a president of another country, an officer of the old intelligence service which would like to restore that country's old empire.
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Definizioni di officer
1. officer - a person authorized to serve in a position of authority on a vessel; "he is the officer in charge of the ship's engines"
  jack-tar, mariner, old salt, sea dog, seafarer, seaman, tar, gob, jack a man who serves as a sailor
  sea captain, skipper, captain, master a student who fails to attend classes
  first mate, mate South American tea-like drink made from leaves of a South American holly called mate
  privateersman, privateer a privately owned warship commissioned to prey on the commercial shipping or warships of an enemy nation
  purser an officer aboard a ship who keeps accounts and attends to the passengers' welfare
  sailing master, navigator the ship's officer in charge of navigation
  steward someone who manages property or other affairs for someone else
  supercargo an officer on a merchant ship in charge of the cargo and its sale and purchase
1. officer - direct or command as an officer
  command make someone do something
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