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pigeon in norvegese

ornithologysostantivo due [u]
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sostantivo columbiform bird
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Definizioni di pigeon
1. pigeon - wild and domesticated birds having a heavy body and short legs
  columbiform bird a cosmopolitan order of land birds having small heads and short legs with four unwebbed toes
  columbidae, family columbidae doves and pigeons
  pouter pigeon, pouter one of a breed of pigeon that enlarge their crop until their breast is puffed out
  dove any of numerous small pigeons
  columba livia, rock dove, rock pigeon pale grey Eurasian pigeon having black-striped wings from which most domestic species are descended
  band-tail pigeon, band-tailed pigeon, bandtail, columba fasciata wild pigeon of western North America; often mistaken for the now extinct passenger pigeon
  columba palumbus, cushat, wood pigeon, ringdove Eurasian pigeon with white patches on wings and neck
  domestic pigeon domesticated pigeon raised for sport or food
  squab an unfledged pigeon
  ectopistes migratorius, passenger pigeon gregarious North American migratory pigeon now extinct
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