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python in norvegese

reptilessostantivo pytonslange [u]
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1. python - large Old World boas
  boa any of several chiefly tropical constrictors with vestigial hind limbs
  pythoninae, subfamily pythoninae Old World boas: pythons; in some classifications considered a separate family from Boidae
  carpet snake, morelia spilotes variegatus, python variegatus Australian python with a variegated pattern on its back
  python reticulatus, reticulated python of southeast Asia and East Indies; the largest snake in the world
  indian python, python molurus very large python of southeast Asia
  python sebae, rock python, rock snake very large python of tropical and southern Africa
  amethystine python a python having the color of amethyst
2. Python - (Greek mythology) dragon killed by Apollo at Delphi
  greek mythology the mythology of the ancient Greeks
3. python - a soothsaying spirit or a person who is possessed by such a spirit
  disembodied spirit, spirit a fundamental emotional and activating principle determining one's character
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