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botany - treesostantivo vidjetre [n]
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1. willow - any of numerous deciduous trees and shrubs of the genus Salix
  tree English actor and theatrical producer noted for his lavish productions of Shakespeare (1853-1917)
  genus salix, salix a large and widespread genus varying in size from small shrubs to large trees: willows
  osier any of various willows having pliable twigs used in basketry and furniture
  huntingdon willow, salix alba, white willow large willow tree of Eurasia and North Africa having greyish canescent leaves and grey bark
  salix alba sericea, salix sericea, silver willow, silky willow North American willow with greyish silky pubescent leaves that usually blacken in drying
  cricket-bat willow, salix alba caerulea Eurasian willow tree having greyish leaves and ascending branches
  arctic willow, salix arctica low creeping shrub of Arctic Europe and America
  babylonian weeping willow, salix babylonica, weeping willow willow with long drooping branches and slender leaves native to China; widely cultivated as an ornamental
  salix blanda, salix pendulina, salix pendulina blanda, wisconsin weeping willow hybrid willow usually not strongly weeping in habit
  salix discolor, pussy willow small willow of eastern North America having greyish leaves and silky catkins that come before the leaves
  sallow any of several Old World shrubby broad-leaved willows having large catkins; some are important sources for tanbark and charcoal
  almond-leaves willow, peach-leaved willow, peachleaf willow, salix amygdaloides willow of the western United States with leaves like those of peach or almond trees
  hoary willow, salix candida, sage willow North American shrub with whitish canescent leaves
  brittle willow, crack willow, salix fragilis, snap willow large willow tree with stiff branches that are easily broken
  prairie willow, salix humilis slender shrubby willow of dry areas of North America
  dwarf willow, salix herbacea widely distributed boreal shrubby willow with partially underground creeping stems and bright green glossy leaves
  gray willow, grey willow, salix cinerea Eurasian shrubby willow with whitish tomentose twigs
  arroyo willow, salix lasiolepis shrubby willow of the western United States
  salix lucida, shining willow common North American shrub with shiny lanceolate leaves
  black willow, salix nigra, swamp willow North American shrubby willow having dark bark and linear leaves growing close to streams and lakes
  bay willow, laurel willow, salix pentandra European willow tree with shining leathery leaves; widely naturalized in the eastern United States
  balsam willow, salix pyrifolia small shrubby tree of eastern North America having leaves exuding an odor of balsam when crushed
  creeping willow, salix repens small trailing bush of Europe and Asia having straggling branches with silky green leaves of which several varieties are cultivated
  salix sitchensis, sitka willow, silky willow small shrubby tree of western North America (Alaska to Oregon)
  dwarf gray willow, dwarf grey willow, salix tristis, sage willow willow shrub of dry places in the eastern United States having long narrow leaves canescent beneath
  bearberry willow, salix uva-ursi dwarf prostrate mat-forming shrub of Arctic and alpine regions of North America and Greenland having deep green elliptic leaves that taper toward the base
2. willow - a textile machine having a system of revolving spikes for opening and cleaning raw textile fibers
  textile machine a machine for making textiles
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