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ever in spagnolo

futurealtro algún día, alguna vez
  alwaysaltro siempre, constantemente
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alcoholic beverage, asseverate, at every turn, beat severely, believer, beverage, blackwater fever, brain fever, cantilever, cerebrospinal fever, clever, clever reply, cleverness, disbeliever, ever recorded, ever since, evergreen, everlasting, everlastingly, every, every bit as, every bit as ... as, every minute of the day, every month, every now and again, every now and then, every other, every other minute, every person, every second, every so often, every time, every two minutes, every two months, every two weeks, everybody, everyday, everyday language, everyman, everyone
everyplace, everything, everywhere, fever, fevered, feverish, for evermore, forever, forevermore, glandular fever, have everything going for oneself, hay fever, however, however much, in every direction, in every which way, in reverse, in reverse order, irreverence, irreverent, jenever, Labrador retriever, lever, leveret, never, never mind, never-ending, nevermore, never-never land, nevertheless, nonbeliever, once every fourteen days, paratyphoid fever, perseverance, persevere, persevering, retriever, reverberate, reverberation, revere, reverence, Reverend, reverent, reverential, reverie, revers, reversal, reverse, reverse gear, reverse side, reverse the charges, reversion, revert, revert to, rheumatic fever, scarlet fever, sever, sever from, several, severance, severance pay, severe, severe punishment, severe questioning, severed artery, severely, severely damaged, severity, surgical fever, thanks ever so much, traumatic fever, typhoid fever, unbeliever, whatever, whenever, wherever, whichever, whoever, wound fever, yellow fever, asseveration, beverages, cleverly, everlastingness, feverishly, gambling fever, howsoever, irreversible, leverage, never ever, reverend, reversible, severally, thievery, whoseever, achiever, ambrose everett burnside, american feverfew, anicius manlius severinus boethius, argentine hemorrhagic fever, assam fever, asseverator, bastard feverfew, beveridge, beverly hills, beverly sills, boutonneuse fever, breakbone fever, broad-leaved everlasting pea, buck fever, canicola fever, cantilever bridge, cascade everlasting, catarrhal fever, change by reversal, cheever, chesapeake bay retriever, childbed fever, chills and fever, chinese evergreen, chris evert, chrissie evert, christine marie evert, claudio monteverdi, clever clogs, clever dick, compound lever, crimea-congo hemorrhagic fever, curly-coated retriever, cyma reversa, dandy fever, deer fly fever, dengue fever, deverbal noun, dissever, double reverse, dumdum fever, ebola fever, ebola hemorrhagic fever, edward everett hale, enteric fever, ever-changing, ever-present, ever so, everest, everglade state, everglades, everglades national park, evergreen beech, evergreen bittersweet, evergreen blueberry, evergreen cherry, evergreen grass, evergreen huckleberry, evergreen magnolia, evergreen millet, evergreen oak, evergreen plant, evergreen state, evergreen thorn, evergreen winterberry, evergreen wood fern, everlasting flower, everlasting pea, evermore, evernia, evers, eversion, evert, everting, every bit, every day, every last, every night, every quarter, every week, every which way, every year, everydayness, fever blister, fever pitch, fever tree, feverfew, feverishness, feverous, feverroot, first baron beveridge, flat-coated retriever, foot lever, forever and a day, francis everett townsend, gear lever, genus evernia, gibraltar fever, gold fever, golden everlasting, golden retriever, griever, guenevere, guinevere, haemorrhagic fever, half-evergreen, haverhill fever, hemorrhagic fever, in everyone's thoughts, indian tick fever, irreverently, irreversibility, irreversible process, john cheever, jungle fever, kazimir severinovich malevich, kenya fever, lassa fever, lever hang, lever lock, lever scale, lever tumbler, leveraged buyout, leveraging, live-forever, malta fever, marburg hemorrhagic fever, marseilles fever, medgar evers, medgar wiley evers, mediterranean fever, miliary fever, misbeliever, monteverdi, mount everest, mountain everlasting, mountain fever, mt. everest, narrow-leaved everlasting pea, never-never, never-say-die, never again, non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, nonachiever, nonreversible, nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor, overachiever, pappataci fever, parrot fever, paul revere, pearly everlasting, perseverate, perseveration, piked reverse hang, pink-and-white everlasting, puerperal fever, q fever, rabbit fever, ratbite fever, ratbite fever bacterium, recurrent fever, relapsing fever, reliever, reverberance, reverberant, reverberating, reverberative, reverberatory furnace, revered, reverend dodgson, reverentially, reverently, reverse fault, reverse hang, reverse polish notation, reverse split, reverse stock split, reverse transcriptase, reverse transcriptase inhibitor, reversed, reversibility, reversible process, reversing thermometer, reversionary, reversionary annuity, reversioner, reversionist, reversive, revertible, reverting, revery, rift valley fever, river severn, rock fever, rocky mountain spotted fever, sandfly fever, semi-evergreen, severable, severable contract, several-seeded, severalise, severalize, severalty, severance agreement, severe acute respiratory syndrome, severe combined immunodeficiency, severe combined immunodeficiency disease, severed, severeness, severing, severn, severn river, severo ochoa, shipping fever, sir john everett millais, spark lever, spirillum fever, splenic fever, spotted fever, swamp fever, swan river everlasting, tevere, texas fever, thermic fever, tick fever, trench fever, typhus fever, underachiever, undulant fever, united society of believers in christ's second appearing, unreverberant, valley fever, very reverend, viral haemorrhagic fever, viral hemorrhagic fever, whatever may come, whatsoever, william henry beveridge, winged everlasting, yellow-fever mosquito, zea mays everta
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1. ever - (intensifier for adjectives) very; "she was ever so friendly"
2. ever - at any time; "did you ever smoke?"; "the best con man of all time"
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