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guests in spagnolo

companysostantivo visita [f], invitados [mp]
Anagrammi di guests
Esempi con traduzione
Food and drink were served in such profusion at the wedding that the bride and groom began to wonder if they should not have invited more guests.
The guests wished the happy couple a long and prosperous life.
Among the guests invited to the party were two foreign ladies.
He should apologize for being rude to the guests.
This hotel can accommodate 700 guests.
I'd like to talk to one of your guests.
Our guests should be here within an hour.
Our guests have arrived.
I like the Japanese custom of offering guests moist towels, called oshibori.
I bade farewell to the guests.
The host cut the turkey for the guests.
New guests must register in the hotel book.
The greater part of the guests were foreigners.
She was very busy preparing dinner for her guests.
The room was kept warm for the guests.
We are to take in five guests tomorrow evening.
Do you have guests for dinner?
Waiting for too long for a late guest is a lack of consideration towards those guests who are present.
How many guests are there?
This is the best chocolate mousse that my guests and myself have ever eaten.
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