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some in spagnolo

generalaggettivo algo de, un poco de
  specificationaggettivo algunos, ciertos
  indefinite determineraggettivo algún, un, alguna, una
  number aggettivo algunos, varios
  quantityaggettivo varios, algunos
  estimationaltro aproximadamente, poco más o menos
  quantityaltro algunos, unos
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Termini derivati da some
a weight off someone's mind, a weight on someone's mind, adventuresome, advise somebody, as someone suggested, at someone's suggestion, awesome, be against somebody, be answerable to someone, be at the discretion of somebody, be beyond someone's understanding, be coming someone's way, be frank with someone, be in two minds about something, be on someone's mind, be open to somebody, be plain with someone, be prepared to do something for, be ready for someone, be somebody's go, be somebody's turn, be something fishy about, be there for someone, be totally ignored by somebody, be treated by somebody as though you weren't there, be willing to do something for, become someone, blame somebody, bothersome, bring somebody to court, bring somebody to justice, bring someone to his senses, bring someone up-to-date, burdensome, buy something outright, call someone's attention to, chromosome, come to someone's aid, come to someone's rescue, cuddlesome
cumbersome, delude someone with false hopes, disgust somebody, do some brainstorming, do someone honor, do something for love of gain, do something for money, do something for profit, do something in exchange, do something in return, drag someone along, draw a bird's-eye view of something, drive someone bananas, drive someone crazy, drive someone nuts, enlighten somebody, escape someone's mind, escape someone's notice, fearsome, foursome, frighten someone, full-bosomed, fulsome, furnish someone with something, gasometer, get someone to understand something, get something into someone's head, get something through to someone, get wind of something, give it to someone straight, give some information to, give somebody information, give somebody tit for tat, give someone a fright, give someone a piggyback, give someone sexual education, give someone the creeps, give someone the shivers, give someone the willies, give someone the works, go on in someone's mind, gruesome, handsome, handsomeness, have some more, help someone out, hold it against somebody, hold out false hopes to someone, ignore someone totally, in some ways, inform somebody, irksome, keep someone in sight, knock somebody out, knock someone senseless, know someone by sight, leave someone alone, leave someone be, let somebody have his own way, let someone alone, let someone be, let something be, lissome, lissomeness, loathsome, loathsomeness, lonesome, lothsomeness, make a cautious approach to someone, make someone shiver, make someone sick, make someone's acquaintance, make the acquaintance of somebody, meddlesome, meddlesomeness, nauseate somebody, not be able to come to grips with something, not be able to get a handle on something, not be able to get to grips with something, not begrudge somebody something, not envy somebody something, on someone's left side, on someone's right side, owe someone an explanation, owing to someone, pay for something outright, pay somebody's bill, pay somebody's check, pick up somebody's tab, pin somebody down to a promise, prevent someone from, provide someone with something, purchase something outright, put into somebody's head, put someone in a difficult situation, quarrelsome, repel somebody, restrain someone from, revolt somebody, ruffle someone's feathers, scare someone, scare someone silly, scare someone to death, scare the life out of someone, scare the wits out of someone, scent something, seize somebody roughly, sense something, set somebody straight about, shut the door in someone's face, sicken somebody, slam the door in someone's face, some day, somebody, someday, somehow, someone, someone still owes someone something, someone's decision is made, someone's mind is made up, someplace, somersault, something, something belongs to somebody, something comes to somebody, something done in exchange, something done in return, something of the kind, something similar, sometime, sometimes, somewhat, somewhere, somewhere else, spare someone the details, stand someone in good stead, stare someone down, step in for someone, step on someone's corns, step on someone's toes, stop someone from, strong-arm somebody, stun someone with a blow, suit someone, supply someone with something, support someone, sustain someone in his claim, sustain someone's claim, take a closer look at something, take a picture of someone, take some more, take someone for a ride, take someone in tow, take someone seriously, take someone's picture, take someone's temperature, take something out on someone, tell someone about the birds and the bees, tell someone tales, tell someone the facts of life, tell someone the unvarnished truth, tie someone down to, tiresome, to look somebody squarely in the eyes, to some degree, toothsome, trample on someone's feelings, tread on someone's heels, tread on someone's toes, treat someone as though he wasn't there, troublesome, try to get out of something, twosome, unbeknown to somebody, unbeknownst to somebody, undress somebody, unleash on someone, urge on someone the need of, use something against someone, vent something on someone, vest power in someone, vest someone with power, wholesome, winsome, with someone's knowledge, without someone's knowledge, work something off on someone, worrisome, X-chromosome, do something on purpose, gruesomeness, have something in hand, mettlesome, something else, something new, threesome, to some extend, toilsome, toilsomely, under the auspices of someone, unwholesome, wearisome, wholesomeness, acentric chromosome, acrocentric chromosome, acrosome, anisometric, anisometropia, anisometropic, autosome, blithesome, bosomed, break someone's heart, bunglesome, burdensomeness, catch some z's, centrosome, chondriosome, chromosome mapping, chrysomelid, chrysomelidae, cumbersomeness, dictyosome, eightsome, family chrysomelidae, fivesome, flavorsome, flavorsomeness, flavoursome, flavoursomeness, for some reason, frolicsome, frolicsomeness, fulsomely, fulsomeness, gladsome, gladsomeness, hypsometer, hypsometry, in some manner, in some respects, in some way, isomer, isomerase, isomeric, isomerisation, isomerise, isomerism, isomerization, isomerize, isometric, isometric exercise, isometric line, isometrical, isometrics, isometropia, isometry, lightsome, lightsomely, lightsomeness, liposome, lithesome, lonesomeness, lovesome, lysosome, metacentric chromosome, mettlesomeness, microsome, nettlesome, noisome, noisomeness, proteosome, proteosome vaccine, pull someone's leg, pull the wool over someone's eyes, quarrelsomeness, ransomed, ribosome, sarcosome, schistosome, schistosome dermatitis, sevensome, sex chromosome, sixsome, somatic chromosome, some other, somersaulting, somerset, somerset maugham, somesthesia, somesthesis, someway, someways, telocentric chromosome, thirty-something, tiresomely, tiresomeness, toilsomeness, toothsomeness, torturesome, troublesomeness, unwholesomeness, venturesome, venturesomeness, w. somerset maugham, william somerset maugham, winsomely, winsomeness, x chromosome, y chromosome
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Definizioni di some
1. some - remarkable; "that was some party"; "she is some skier"
  extraordinary far more than usual or expected; "an extraordinary desire for approval"; "it was an over-the-top experience"
  colloquialism a colloquial expression; characteristic of spoken or written communication that seeks to imitate informal speech
  argot, lingo, patois, slang, vernacular, jargon, cant a regional dialect of a language (especially French); usually considered substandard
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