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La Traduzione della parola starting value da inglese a spagnolo, con sinonimi, contrari, coniugazioni dei verbi, pronuncia, anagrammi, esempi di utilizzo.

starting value in spagnolo

starting value
general? valor inicial
Esempi con traduzione
Classes are starting again soon.
Hurry up! The concert is starting.
We've fixed on starting next Sunday.
Brian regrets starting a relationship with her and wants to escape from her.
Besides, it's starting to rain.
This means that houses are starting to sink, roads are breaking up and lamp-posts are leaning at crazy angles.
For three nights starting January 3rd, please.
Have you finished it? "On the contrary, I'm just starting."
This fluorescent lamp is starting to flicker. We'll have to replace it.
It's not yet what you'd call finished but we're starting to get pretty good results.
The teacher said to everyone: "Our wedding is starting now."
At which hour they are starting?
Wait for the green signal before starting to cross.
Masha dreams of starting a revolution, but is too shy.
We're starting to question what we thought we knew.
Tatoeba is starting to look like one of Borges' labyrinthine libraries.
It's starting to rain.
It is feared that radiation will spread across every region of Japan, starting with Tokyo.
Are you seriously thinking about starting your own business?
I've developed a bit of a gut lately, so I've decided that, starting tomorrow, I'm going to go to the gym.
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