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strictly in spagnolo

generalaltro estrictamente
  expressionaltro para ser exacto
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Esempi con traduzione
Smoking is strictly prohibited.
Brian intends to strictly limit the money he uses.
This is, strictly speaking, a mistake.
Smoking is strictly forbidden here.
From a strictly scientific point of view, history cannot be called a science.
My interest in politics is strictly academic.
Prices were strictly regulated during the war.
What I'm about to say is strictly between you and me.
If you see language as a living being, formed by the entity of all speakers, dividing strictly into "right" and "wrong" makes little sense.
Vengeance has a strictly hedonistic end.
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Definizioni di strictly
1. strictly - in a stringent manner; "the laws are stringently enforced"; "stringently controlled"
2. strictly - restricted to something; "we talked strictly business"
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