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vamp in spagnolo

love - womansostantivo seductora [f], coqueta [f]
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1. vamp - piece of leather forming the front part of the upper of a shoe
  piece of leather a separate part consisting of leather
  upper piece of leather or synthetic material that forms the part of a shoe or boot above the sole that encases the foot; "Uppers come in many styles"
2. vamp - an improvised musical accompaniment
  musical accompaniment, accompaniment, backup, support a musical part (vocal or instrumental) that supports or provides background for other musical parts
1. vamp - act seductively with (someone)
  coquet, coquette, chat up, flirt, philander, butterfly, mash, dally, romance talk to someone with the aim of persuading him
2. vamp - provide (a shoe) with a new vamp; "revamp my old boots"
  bushel, furbish up, mend, doctor, touch on, repair, restore, fix heal or recover; "My broken leg is mending"
3. vamp - piece (something old) with a new part; "vamp up an old speech"
  patch, piece mend by putting a patch on; "patch a hole"
4. vamp - make up; "vamp up an excuse for not attending the meeting"
  cook up, fabricate, invent, manufacture, make up make up something artificial or untrue
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