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achieve in svedese

accomplishverbo utföra, uträtta, åstadkomma, genomföra, förverkliga
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Definizioni di achieve
1. achieve - to gain with effort; "she achieved her goal despite setbacks"
  accomplish, attain, reach
  deliver the goods, bring home the bacon, succeed, come through, win be the successor (of); "Carter followed Ford"; "Will Charles succeed to the throne?"
  score make underscoring marks
  progress to, get to, reach, make arrive at the point of; "She gets to fretting if I stay away from home too long"
  begin set in motion, cause to start; "The U.S. started a war in the Middle East"; "The Iraqis began hostilities"; "begin a new chapter in your life"
  come to, strike return to consciousness; "The patient came to quickly"; "She revived after the doctor gave her an injection"
  culminate rise to, or form, a summit; "The helmet culminated in a crest"
  compass bring about; accomplish; "This writer attempts more than his talents can compass"
  average compute the average of
  finagle, wangle, manage achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods
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