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gist in svedese

conversationsostantivo kärnpunkt [u], huvudpunkt [u]
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anthropologist, archaeologist, archeologist, bacteriologist, biologist, by registered mail, campanologist, cardiologist, cash register, criminologist, dermatologist, druggist, ecologist, entomologist, ethnologist, etymologist, genealogist, geologist, gynecologist, land register, logistic, logistics, magistrate, magistrate's court, meteorologist, mineralogist, neurologist, ophthalmologist, ornithologist, pathologist, pharmacologist, philologist, physiologist, psychologist, radiologist, register, register oneself, registered, registered mail, Registered Nurse
registered trademark, registration, registration desk, registry, send by registered mail, sociologist, speleologist, strategist, technologist, teleologist, zoologist, apologist, Certificate of Registration, eulogistic, magisterial, magistracy, magistral, ophtalmologist, paleontologist, penologist, registration book, registration number of the car, synergistic, unregistered, accumulator register, aegisthus, aetiologist, allergist, analogist, anesthesiologist, angiologist, anthologist, antiphlogistic, artium magister, astrologist, biologistic, bugologist, cancer magister, check register, chest register, climatologist, clinical psychologist, conchologist, cosmetologist, cosmologist, craniologist, cryptologist, cytologist, defense logistics agency, dislogistic, dyslogistic, egyptologist, electrologist, elegist, embryologist, endocrinologist, enologist, enzymologist, epidemiologist, epistemologist, escapologist, eschatologist, ethologist, etiologist, eulogist, falangist, fermentologist, gastroenterologist, gerontologist, graphologist, gynaecologist, haematologist, hagiologist, head register, hematologist, herpetologist, histologist, horologist, hydrologist, ichthyologist, ideologist, immunologist, index register, integrated logistic support, international logistic support, lepidopterologist, lexicologist, limnologist, liturgist, logistic assessment, logistic assistance, logistic support, logistical, logistician, magisterially, magistrature, malacologist, mammalogist, market strategist, metallurgist, microbiologist, mixologist, molecular biologist, monologist, musicologist, mycologist, mycophagist, mythologist, neologist, neurobiologist, numerologist, numismatologist, oenologist, oil geologist, oncologist, osteologist, otolaryngologist, otologist, otorhinolaryngologist, palaeontologist, parapsychologist, perinatologist, petroleum geologist, phalangist, phlogiston, phonologist, phrenologist, phytologist, pomologist, proctologist, protozoologist, psephologist, pteridologist, radiologic technologist, register language, registered bond, registered post, registered representative, registered security, registrant, registrar, registration fire, registration number, rheumatologist, rhinolaryngologist, seismologist, self-registering thermometer, serologist, shift register, sinologist, social anthropologist, sociobiologist, spelaeologist, stipendiary magistrate, suffragist, syllogist, syllogistic, synergist, thaumaturgist, theologist, toxicologist, tribologist, uranologist, urologist, virologist, yogistic
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In computing, GiST or Generalized Search Tree, is a data structure and API that can be used to build a variety of disk-based search trees. GiST is a generalization of the B+ tree, providing a concurrent and recoverable height-balanced search tree infrastructure without making any assumptions about the type of data being stored, or the queries being serviced. GiST can be used to easily implement a range of well-known indexes, including B+ trees, R-trees, hB-trees, RD-trees, and many others; it also allows for easy development of specialized indexes for new data types.

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