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La Traduzione della parola hopelessness da inglese a svedese, con sinonimi, contrari, coniugazioni dei verbi, pronuncia, anagrammi, esempi di utilizzo.

hopelessness in svedese

situationsostantivo hopplöshet [u], utsiktslöshet [u]
  feelingssostantivo förtvivlan [n (invariable)], hopplöshet [u], desperation [u], misströstan [n (invariable)], modfälldhet [u]
Sinonimi per hopelessness
sostantivo despair
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Definizioni di hopelessness
1. hopelessness - the despair you feel when you have abandoned hope of comfort or success
  hopefulness the feeling you have when you have hope
  despair the feeling that everything is wrong and nothing will turn out well; "they moaned in despair and dismay"; "one harsh word would send her into the depths of despair"
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