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magistrate in svedese

law - mansostantivo fredsdomare [u], polisdomare [u]
  law - womansostantivo fredsdomare [u], polisdomare [u]
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1. magistrate - a lay judge or civil authority who administers the law (especially one who conducts a court dealing with minor offenses)
  judge, jurist, justice a public official authorized to decide questions brought before a court of justice
  justice of the peace a local magistrate with limited powers
  stipendiary, stipendiary magistrate (United Kingdom) a paid magistrate (appointed by the Home Secretary) dealing with police cases
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A magistrate is a judicial officer; in ancient Rome, the word magistratus denoted one of the highest government officers with judicial and executive powers. Today, in common law systems, a magistrate has limited law enforcement and administration authority. In civil law systems, a magistrate might be a judge in a superior court; the magistrate's court might have jurisdiction over civil cases and criminal cases.

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