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table in svedese

furnituresostantivo bord [n]
  mathematicssostantivo tabell [u]
Sinonimi per table
Termini derivati da table
acceptable, accountable, adaptable, adjustable, attributable, be suitable, be unsuitable, charitable, charitable organization, coated tablet, coffee table, comfortable, comfortableness, computable, contestable, countable, covetable, creditable, debatable, delectable, detectable, detestable, dining table, disconnectable, discreditable, disputable, disreputable, dressing table, eatable, eatables, equitable, excitable, executable, exploitable, extraditable, habitable, hospitable, ignitable, illimitable, immutable
imputable, incontestable, indictable, indisputable, indomitable, indubitable, ineluctable, inequitable, inevitable, inflatable, inhabitable, inhospitable, inhospitableness, inimitable, inscrutable, insupportable, insurmountable, intractable, ironing table, irrefutable, irritable, lamentable, leafy vegetable, marketable, multiplication table, mutable, not suitable, notable, palatable, pickled vegetables, portable, potable, predictable, presentable, preventable, printable, profitable, quotable, raw vegetables, red table wine, redoubtable, regrettable, reputable, respectable, retractable, rice table, riding stables, root vegetable, round-table conference, sleeping tablet, stable, stone tablet, suitable, suitableness, supportable, table d'hôte, table lamp, table linen, table manners, table of contents, table tennis, table wine, tableau, tableau vivant, tablecloth, tableland, tablespoon, tablet, tableware, timetable, tractable, transmutable, transmutableness, turntable, unacceptable, unacceptable actions, unaccountable, unbeatable, uncharitable, uncomfortable, uncountable, under-the-table, unforgettable, unhabitable, uninhabitable, unpalatable, unpredictable, unstable, unstableness, unwarrantable, vegetable, vegetable garden, vegetable oil, vegetable sponge, vegetables, vegetables in pickle, veritable, white table wine, writing table, acceptableness, charitableness, constable, contradictable, dilatable, disreputableness, merchantable, night table, potables, ratable, table-cloth, time-table, translatable, transmittable, unmarketable, unpreventable, unprintable, unprofitable, untranslatable, abatable, abatable nuisance, actable, actuarial table, adjustable spanner, adjustable wrench, admittable, adoptable, allocatable, assertable, attractable, augean stables, avertable, beatable, billiard table, breakfast table, card table, charitable trust, chief constable, cocktail table, coffee-table book, cogitable, collectable, communion table, commutable, conference table, confutable, console table, contractable, correctable, correlation table, council table, cruciferous vegetable, cultivatable, cuttable, datable, decision table, depletable, dinner table, disreputable person, distortable, drafting table, drawing table, drop-leaf table, dubitable, duplicatable, evitable, excitable area, excitableness, expectable, exportable, extractable, fermentable, file allocation table, forgettable, gaming table, gateleg table, getable, getatable, gettable, graduated table, habitableness, heatable, heritable, high table, hospitableness, immutableness, incommutable, incomputable, inevitable accident, inevitableness, inflatable cushion, inheritable, injectable, interpretable, intractableness, irritable bowel syndrome, italian vegetable marrow, japanese table pine, john constable, julienne vegetable, king arthur's round table, kitchen table, knight of the round table, livery stable, lord's table, man-portable, meltable, memorial tablet, meritable, metastable, mortality table, mutableness, nonheritable, noninheritable, nonretractable, on the table, operating table, paintable, palatableness, parsons table, pedestal table, periodic table, permutable, permutableness, pier table, pin table, ping-pong table, pingpong table, plane table, pocketable, police constable, pool table, portable circular saw, portable computer, portable saw, profitableness, ratables, raw vegetable, refectory table, refutable, relocatable program, rentable, repeatable, reportable, representable, rotatable, round table, roundtable, snooker table, solanaceous vegetable, stable companion, stable factor, stable gear, stableboy, stableman, stablemate, stableness, statistical table, substitutable, surmountable, table-mountain pine, table-tennis bat, table-tennis racquet, table-tennis table, table d'hote, table game, table knife, table lifting, table mat, table mustard, table napkin, table rapping, table salt, table saw, table service, table talk, table tapping, table tilting, table tipping, table turning, tablefork, tablemate, tablespoonful, tablet-armed chair, tabletop, tea table, temptable, tilt-top table, tip-top table, tip table, toilet table, tractableness, training table, transplantable, transportable, trestle table, turn the tables, unacceptableness, unactable, unadaptable, unadjustable, unadoptable, unattributable, uncomfortableness, uncorrectable, uncultivatable, undatable, undetectable, undisputable, uneatable, unexcitable, unexportable, unforfeitable, ungetatable, uninjectable, unmerchantable, unpaintable, unpalatableness, unportable, unpresentable, unprofitableness, unquotable, unratable, unrentable, unrepeatable, unreportable, unrespectable, unsuitable, unsuitableness, unsupportable, unsurmountable, untransmutable, vegetable hummingbird, vegetable ivory, vegetable marrow, vegetable matter, vegetable oyster, vegetable patch, vegetable sheep, vegetable silk, vegetable soup, vegetable tallow, vegetable wax, water table, work table, worktable
Anagrammi di table
Esempi con traduzione
Is there a table available for two on Friday?
The cat on the table is sleeping.
There is a book on the table.
There is an apple on the table.
She cleared the dishes from the table after dinner.
That is a table.
The cat slept on the table.
He left the book on the table.
I have borrowed a table.
The book is on the table.
Tom turned on the table lamp.
This table is white.
There is an orange on the table.
The cat is under the table.
The cat is sleeping on the table.
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Definizioni di table
1. table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
  article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
  communion table, lord's table, altar a raised structure on which gifts or sacrifices to a god are made
  booth small area set off by walls for special use
  breakfast table a table where breakfast is eaten
  card table a small light table with folding legs; can be folded for storage
  card table a small light table with folding legs; can be folded for storage
  cocktail table, coffee table low table where magazines can be placed and coffee or cocktails are served
  conference table, council board, council table the table that conferees sit around as they hold a meeting
  console table, console a small table fixed to a wall or designed to stand against a wall
  counter table consisting of a horizontal surface over which business is transacted
  desk a piece of furniture with a writing surface and usually drawers or other compartments
  dressing table, toilet table, vanity, dresser low table with mirror or mirrors where one sits while dressing or applying makeup
  drop-leaf table a table that has a drop-leaf to enlarge its surface
  gaming table a table used for gambling; may be equipped with a gameboard and slots for chips
  gueridon a small round table
  kitchen table a table in the kitchen
  leg (nautical) the distance traveled by a sailing vessel on a single tack
  operating table table on which the patient lies during a surgical operation
  parsons table a sturdy rectangular table with block legs at the four corners; the top and the legs are the same width
  pedestal table a table supported by a single central column
  pier table a low table set below a pier glass
  platen the roller on a typewriter against which the keys strike
  billiard table, pool table, snooker table game equipment consisting of a heavy table on which pool is played
  stand a defensive effort; "the army made a final stand at the Rhone"
  ping-pong table, pingpong table, table-tennis table a table used for playing table tennis
  tabletop the top horizontal work surface of a table
  tableware articles for use at the table (dishes and silverware and glassware)
  tea table a small table for serving afternoon tea
  trestle table a table supported on trestles
  work table, worktable a table designed for a particular task
2. table - a set of data arranged in rows and columns; "see table 1"
  array an arrangement of aerials spaced to give desired directional characteristics
  correlation table a two-way tabulation of the relations between correlates; row headings are the scores on one variable and column headings are the scores on the second variables and a cell shows how many times the score on that row was associated with the score in that column
  contents, table of contents a list of divisions (chapters or articles) and the pages on which they start
  actuarial table, statistical table a table of statistical data
  calendar a list or register of events (appointments or social events or court cases etc); "I have you on my calendar for next Monday"
  file allocation table the part of a floppy disk or hard disk where information is stored about the location of each piece of information on the disk (and about the location of unusable areas of the disk)
  periodic table (chemistry) a tabular arrangement of the chemical elements according to atomic number as based on the periodic law
  row a continuous chronological succession without an interruption; "they won the championship three years in a row"
  column (architecture) a tall vertical cylindrical structure standing upright and used to support a structure
3. table - a piece of furniture with tableware for a meal laid out on it; "I reserved a table at my favorite restaurant"
  article of furniture, furniture, piece of furniture furnishings that make a room or other area ready for occupancy; "they had too much furniture for the small apartment"; "there was only one piece of furniture in the room"
  dining table, board a table at which meals are served; "he helped her clear the dining table"; "a feast was spread upon the board"
4. table - a company of people assembled at a table for a meal or game; "he entertained the whole table with his witty remarks"
  assemblage, gathering a group of persons together in one place
1. table - arrange or enter in tabular form
  tabularize, tabularise, tabulate
  arrange, set arrange thoughts, ideas, temporal events; "arrange my schedule"; "set up one's life"; "I put these memories with those of bygone times"
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