Engelsk-Norsk oversettelse av ale

Oversettelse av ordet ale fra engelsk til norsk, med synonymer, antonymer, verbbøying, uttale, anagrammer og eksempler på bruk.

ale på norsk

alcoholic beveragessubst. sterk øl [invariable], engelsk øl [n]
Synonymer for ale
subst. beer
Avledede ord av ale
Airedale, alert, alertness, alexandrine, alexia, ambivalence, ambivalent, at the sales, azalea, bale, baleful, become stale, bill of sale, bivalent, bomb alert, caleche, calèche, calendar, catalepsy, cataleptic, chalet, Chippendale, clearance sale, coalesce, coalescence, concealed, concealer, convalesce, convalescence, convalescent, dale, dealer, dealer in notions, dealership, descale, dialect, double-dealer, drug dealer, Emmentaler, Emmenthaler
equivalence, equivalent, exhale, fairy tale, faith healer, female, female germ cell, finale, fish dealer, for sale, full-scale, gale, garage sale, ginger ale, gunwale, hale, hale and hearty, hardware dealer, healer, inhale, inhaler, Jerusalem, journalese, kale, kaleidoscope, kaleidoscopic, killer whale, large-scale, liquor dealer, male, male germ cell, male goat, male nurse, male prostitute, malediction, malefactor, malevolence, malevolent, morale, new talent, newsdealer, nightingale, offer for sale, officialese, on a large scale, on sale, opalescence, opalescent, pale, pale before, pale beside, pale in comparison with, paled, pale-faced, paleness, paleography, paleolithic, paleontology, Palestine, Palestinian, palette, put up for sale, rationale, regale on, regale with, remove scale from, resale, rummage sale, sale, saleable, sales, sales manager, sales pitch, sales rep, sales representative, sales slip, sales talk, salesclerk, salesgirl, saleslady, salesman, salesman's patter, salesman's spiel, salesmanship, salesperson, salesroom, saleswoman, scale, scale back, scale down, scales, sealer, shale, signaler, sliding scale, smart alec, smart aleck, smart-aleck, sperm whale, spiraled, squealer, stale, stalemate, tale, talent, talent scout, talented, tattletale, teetotaler, tell someone tales, telltale, tonal scale, traveling salesman, unconcealed, unequaled, unrivaled, upscale, vale, valentine, valerian, valet, valet service, Wales, whale, whalebone, whaler, wholesale, wholesale dealer, wholesale price, wholesale slaughter, wholesaler, yard sale, aleatory, calendar dates, dialed, equivalent value, equivalently, female cat, female cook, female hairdresser, female journalist, female monkey, female relative, female singer, female stenotypist, female tailor, female teacher, galena, impale, letterscales, male cook, male sex, maleficent, paleface, paleontological, paleontologist, polyvalent, prevalence, prevalent, reconvalescence, regales, sale item, scalene, talebearer, valency, victualer, working morale, absolute scale, acatalectic, actinomycetales, adrenalectomy, adult female, adult female body, adult male, adult male body, agaricales, air alert, airedale terrier, aix galericulata, alan alexander milne, alcalescent, ale drinker, aleatory contract, alec guinness, alecost, alectis, alectis ciliaris, alecto, alectoria, alectoris, alectoris graeca, alectoris ruffa, alectura, alectura lathami, alehoof, alehouse, aleksandr aleksandrovich blok, aleksandr borodin, aleksandr feodorovich kerensky, aleksandr i. solzhenitsyn, aleksandr mikjailovich prokhorov, aleksandr nikolayevich scriabin, aleksandr pavlovich, aleksandr porfirevich borodin, aleksandr prokhorov, aleksandr scriabin, aleksandr sergeyevich pushkin, aleksey maksimovich peshkov, aleksey maximovich peshkov, alembic, alendronate, alep, aleph, aleph-nought, aleph-null, aleph-zero, alepisaurus, aleppa grass, aleppo, aleppo boil, alerting, alessandro di mariano dei filipepi, alessandro farnese, alessandro manzoni, alethic logic, aletris, aletris aurea, aletris farinosa, aletta jacobs, aleuria aurantia, aleurites, aleurites fordii, aleurites moluccana, aleurone, aleuronic, aleut, aleutian, aleutian islands, aleutians, aleve, alewife, alex boncayao brigade, alex haley, alexander, alexander alexandrovich blok, alexander archipelago, alexander bell, alexander calder, alexander fleming, alexander graham bell, alexander hamilton, alexander i, alexander ii, alexander iii, alexander isayevich solzhenitsyn, alexander melville bell, alexander pope, alexander pushkin, alexander selcraig, alexander selkirk, alexander the great, alexander the liberator, alexander vi, alexander wilson, alexander woollcott, alexanders, alexandre dumas, alexandre emile jean yersin, alexandre gustave eiffel, alexandre yersin, alexandria, alexandria senna, alexandrian, alexandrian laurel, alexandrian senna, alexandrite, alexic, alexis carrel, alexis charles henri maurice de tocqueville, alexis de tocqueville, aleyrodes, aleyrodidae, alismales, alkalemia, alkalescent, allium vineale, alpine azalea, ambivalency, anacardium occidentale, analecta, analects, analeptic, andreaeales, annealed, anthocerotales, aphyllophorales, aplectrum hyemale, appointment calendar, arales, arbalest, aristolochiales, armored scale, art dealer, asparagus officinales, aspergillales, attalea, attalea funifera, auction sale, auriculariales, azaleastrum, bale out, balearic islands, baleen, baleen whale, balefire, balefulness, balenciaga, baron alexander von humboldt, baron friedrich heinrich alexander von humboldt, beaked whale, beam scale, beaufort scale, beijing dialect, bennettitales, bill haley, binet-simon scale, black whale, blastocladiales, blue whale, bookdealer, boot sale, bottle-nosed whale, bottlenose whale, bowhead whale, braless, brix scale, broker-dealer, brompheniramine maleate, brown soft scale, bryales, c major scale, cacatua galerita, cadmium yellow pale, cafe royale, calean, caledonia, caledonian canal, calefacient, calefaction, calefactive, calefactory, calendar day, calendar method, calendar method of birth control, calendar month, calendar week, calendar year, calender, calendered, calendric, calendrical, calendula, calendula officinalis, caley pea, campanulales, canakkale bogazi, canterbury tales, cantonese dialect, car boot sale, car dealer, carbondale, caryophyllales, cash equivalent, casuarinales, catalectic, catalexis, celsius scale, centigrade scale, cephalexin, charales, chenopodiales, chenopodium murale, chlorococcales, chlorpheniramine maleate, chorale, chorale prelude, chromatic scale, church calendar, chytridiales, clydesdale, clydesdale terrier, coalesced, coalescency, coalescent, coalescing, coeur d'alene, coeur d'alene lake, colchicum autumnale, commelinales, common stock equivalent, common valerian, computer dealer, conditional sale, congealed, coniferales, conte alessandro giuseppe antonio anastasio volta, conte alessandro volta, cor pulmonale, cordaitales, corpus geniculatum laterale, corpus geniculatum mediale, count alessandro di cagliostro, count alessandro volta, covalence, covalency, covalent, covalent bond, credentialed, crepitation rale, cristobal balenciaga, cut-rate sale, cycadales, cycadofilicales, cynoglossum officinale, czar alexander i, czar alexander ii, czar alexander iii, dale carnegie, dalea, dalea spinosa, dalesman, daleth, dangaleat, de valera, decalescence, decalescent, democratic front for the liberation of palestine, dialect atlas, dialect geography, dialectal, dialectic, dialectical, dialectical materialism, dialectician, dialectics, dialectology, dialeurodes, dialeurodes citri, diapensiales, diatonic scale, dicranales, divalent, downscale, duchesse de valentinois, dwarf sperm whale, eamon de valera, ebenales, ecclesiastical calendar, economy of scale, edward everett hale, electrovalent bond, elihu yale, emergency alert system, empale, endomycetales, entente cordiale, entomophthorales, epanalepsis, ephippiorhynchus senegalensis, epipaleolithic, equisetales, equisetum hyemale, equisetum hyemale robustum, equivalent-binary-digit factor, equivalent weight, equivalent word, ergotrate maleate, ericales, erysiphales, eskimo-aleut, eskimo-aleut language, eubacteriales, eubryales, eurotiales, euryale, execution sale, extended time scale, extralegal, eye dialect, fagales, fahrenheit scale, fairytale, false azalea, family aleyrodidae, family plataleidae, family regalecidae, family valerianaceae, farmer's calendar, farthingale, fast time scale, felis bengalensis, female aristocrat, female body, female bonding, female chest, female child, female circumcision, female genital organ, female genitalia, female genitals, female horse, female internal reproductive organ, female mammal, female monarch, female offspring, female parent, female person, female reproductive system, female sibling, femaleness, femme fatale, ficus bengalensis, filicales, fin whale, finback whale, fire sale, fish scale, five-petaled, flavius valerius constantinus, flemish dialect, florence nightingale, foaled, folk tale, folktale, forced sale, fort lauderdale, four-petaled, fresh gale, fromental halevy, fucales, gaius aurelius valerius diocletian, gaius valerius catullus, galea, galega, galega officinalis, galen, galeocerdo, galeocerdo cuvieri, galeopsis, galeopsis tetrahit, galeorhinus, galeorhinus zyopterus, galeras, galere, galingale, galium boreale, gapped scale, gentianales, genus alectis, genus alectoria, genus alectoris, genus alectura, genus alepisaurus, genus aletris, genus aleurites, genus aleyrodes, genus attalea, genus calendula, genus dalea, genus dialeurodes, genus euryale, genus galega, genus galeocerdo, genus galeopsis, genus galeorhinus, genus halenia, genus halesia, genus hexalectris, genus melogale, genus nopalea, genus onychogalea, genus paleacrita, genus petrogale, genus phascogale, genus platalea, genus poecilogale, genus potamogale, genus pseudaletia, genus psoralea, genus regalecus, genus secale, genus spilogale, genus thylogale, genus trialeurodes, genus valeriana, genus valerianella, george ellery hale, geraniales, geum rivale, gheg dialect, gimbaled, ginkgoales, giovanni pierluigi da palestrina, glandulae cervicales uteri, gnetales, going-out-of-business sale, going to jerusalem, graminales, granuloma inguinale, gray whale, greek valerian, greenland whale, gregorian calendar, gregorian calendar month, grey whale, gross sales, guaiacum officinale, guttiferales, hakka dialect, haleakala national park, haleness, halenia, haler, halesia, halesia carolina, halesia tetraptera, halevy, haley, halle-an-der-saale, hay bale, healed, hebrew calendar, hedysarum boreale, helenium autumnale, helotiales, henry valentine miller, herbert alexander simon, hero of alexandria, heroic tale, heterotrichales, hexalectris, hexalectris spicata, hexalectris warnockii, hindu calendar, hindu calendar month, homo sapiens neanderthalensis, human paleontology, humic shale, humpback whale, hymenogastrales, hypercatalectic, hypericales, hyperkalemia, hypocreales, hypokalemia, hysterocatalepsy, impalement, incalescence, international scale, internationale, inventory-clearance sale, islamic calendar, islamic calendar month, islamic jihad for the liberation of palestine, isoetales, jacques alexandre cesar charles, jacques francois fromental elie halevy, jasminum officinale, jerusalem artichoke, jerusalem artichoke sunflower, jerusalem cherry, jerusalem cricket, jerusalem cross, jerusalem oak, jerusalem sage, jerusalem thorn, jerusalem warriors, jewelry dealer, jewish calendar, jewish calendar month, judicial sale, jugale, juglandales, julian calendar, jumble sale, jungermanniales, kakatoe galerita, kaleidoscopical, kalemia, karl alex muller, kazimir malevich, kazimir severinovich malevich, kelvin scale, konstantin sergeevich alekseev, kuchean dialect, kwajalein, laminariales, law of equivalent proportions, lech walesa, lechanorales, legalese, lepidodendrales, lever scale, levisticum officinale, libra the scales, lichenales, liliales, lithospermum officinale, locale, logarithmic scale, lower paleolithic, lunar calendar, lunisolar calendar, lycoperdales, lycopodiales, lyginopteridales, macrocephalon maleo, magdalen, magdalena, magdalena river, major diatonic scale, major scale, male-patterned baldness, male aristocrat, male berry, male body, male bonding, male chauvinism, male chauvinist, male chest, male child, male erecticle dysfunction, male fern, male genital organ, male genitalia, male genitals, male horse, male hypogonadism, male internal reproductive organ, male monarch, male offspring, male orchis, male orgasm, male parent, male person, male plug, male reproductive gland, male reproductive system, male sibling, maleate, maleberry, malebranche, malecite, maledict, malefic, maleficence, maleic acid, malemute, maleness, maleo, maleseet, malevich, malevolency, malevolent program, malevolently, malvales, mandarin dialect, marattiales, marchantiales, marcus aurelius valerius maximianus, maria magdalene von losch, martingale, mary magdalen, mary magdalene, mass-energy equivalence, mastoidale, mcalester, melogale, mercalli scale, mergenthaler, metalepsis, micropaleontology, middle paleolithic, mikhail aleksandrovich bakunin, milliequivalent, min dialect, minke whale, minor diatonic scale, minor scale, moderate gale, mohammedan calendar, mohs scale, money dealer, moniliales, monovalent, morale booster, morale builder, morale building, moslem calendar, mountain azalea, mountain male fern, mucorales, muhammadan calendar, multivalence, multivalency, multivalent, musales, musculus scalenus, musical scale, muslim calendar, mycoplasmatales, myrica gale, myricales, myrtales, myxobacterales, myxobacteriales, naiadales, naphthalene, naphthalene poisoning, narrow wale, narwhale, nasale, nasturtium officinale, nathan hale, national association of securities dealers automated quotations, near gale, nepalese, nepalese monetary unit, nepalese rupee, net sales, new caledonia, new caledonian, new caledonian pine, new caledonian yew, new dealer, new south wales, new style calendar, nicolas de malebranche, nidulariales, nogales, nonequivalence, nonequivalent, nopalea, oedogoniales, oil shale, old style calendar, old wives' tale, oleales, on the alert, onychogalea, opalesce, ophioglossales, opuntiales, orbignya phalerata, orbitale, orchidales, order-chenopodiales, order actinomycetales, order agaricales, order alismales, order andreaeales, order anthocerotales, order aphyllophorales, order arales, order aristolochiales, order aspergillales, order auriculariales, order bennettitales, order blastocladiales, order bryales, order campanulales, order caryophyllales, order casuarinales, order charales, order chlorococcales, order chytridiales, order commelinales, order coniferales, order cordaitales, order cycadales, order cycadofilicales, order diapensiales, order dicranales, order ebenales, order endomycetales, order entomophthorales, order equisetales, order ericales, order erysiphales, order eubacteriales, order eubryales, order eurotiales, order fagales, order filicales, order fucales, order gentianales, order geraniales, order ginkgoales, order gnetales, order graminales, order guttiferales, order helotiales, order heterotrichales, order hymenogastrales, order hypericales, order hypocreales, order isoetales, order juglandales, order jungermanniales, order laminariales, order lechanorales, order lepidodendrales, order lichenales, order liliales, order lycoperdales, order lycopodiales, order lyginopteridales, order malvales, order marattiales, order marchantiales, order moniliales, order mucorales, order musales, order mycoplasmatales, order myricales, order myrtales, order myxobacterales, order myxobacteriales, order naiadales, order nidulariales, order oedogoniales, order oleales, order ophioglossales, order opuntiales, order orchidales, order palmales, order pandanales, order papaverales, order parietales, order peronosporales, order pezizales, order phallales, order piperales, order plantaginales, order plumbaginales, order polemoniales, order polygonales, order polypodiales, order primulales, order proteales, order pseudomonadales, order psilophytales, order psilotales, order ranales, order ranunculales, order rhamnales, order rhoeadales, order rickettsiales, order rosales, order rubiales, order salicales, order santalales, order sapindales, order saprolegniales, order sarraceniales, order sclerodermatales, order scrophulariales, order secotiales, order selaginellales, order sphaeriales, order sphaerocarpales, order sphagnales, order spirochaetales, order taxales, order thymelaeales, order tremellales, order tuberales, order tulostomatales, order ulvales, order umbellales, order uredinales, order urticales, order ustilaginales, order volvocales, order xyridales, order zygnemales, order zygnematales, os frontale, os nasale, os sphenoidale, os temporale, ottmar mergenthaler, pale-colored, pale-hued, pale ale, pale blue, pale chrysanthemum aphid, pale coral root, pale violet, pale yellow, paleacrita, paleacrita vernata, paleencephalon, palely, paleo-american, paleo-american culture, paleo-amerind, paleo-amerind culture, paleo-indian, paleo-indian culture, paleoanthropological, paleoanthropology, paleobiology, paleobotany, paleocene, paleocene epoch, paleocerebellum, paleoclimatology, paleocortex, paleocortical, paleodendrology, paleoecology, paleoencephalon, paleoethnography, paleogeography, paleogeology, paleographer, paleographist, paleolith, paleolithic age, paleology, paleomammalogy, paleopathology, paleornithology, paleostriatum, paleozoic, paleozoic era, paleozoology, palermo, palestine authority, palestine islamic jihad, palestine liberation front, palestine liberation organization, palestine national authority, palestinian arab, palestinian hizballah, palestinian islamic jihad, palestinian national authority, palestra, palestrina, paletiology, palette knife, palmales, pandanales, papaver orientale, papaverales, paprilus alepidotus, paraffin scale, paralegal, paraleipsis, paralepsis, parietales, pastorale, patrick victor martindale white, pedaler, pentatonic scale, pentavalent, percale, peronosporales, perpetual calendar, petaled, peter alexander ustinov, petrogale, pezizales, ph scale, phallales, phascogale, phenolphthalein, piked whale, pilot whale, piperales, plantaginales, platalea, platalea leucorodia, plataleidae, plumbaginales, poecilogale, poecilogale albinucha, point-of-sale, polemoniales, polemonium boreale, polygonales, polygonum orientale, polypodiales, polyvalence, polyvalency, pope alexander vi, popular democratic front for the liberation of palestine, popular front for the liberation of palestine, popular front for the liberation of palestine-general command, potamogale, potamogale velox, primulales, prince-of-wales'-heath, prince-of-wales feather, prince-of-wales fern, prince-of-wales plume, prince of wales, prince of wales heath, princess of wales, principle of equivalence, proteales, pseudaletia, pseudaletia unipuncta, pseudomonadales, psidium littorale, psidium littorale longipes, psilophytales, psilotales, psoralea, psoralea esculenta, pygmy sperm whale, pyotr alexeyevich kropotkin, rale, ralegh, raleigh, ranales, rankine scale, ranunculales, raw talent, reaumur scale, red alert, red valerian, regale, regalecidae, regalecus glesne, regulus calendula, rescale, resorcinolphthalein, revealed, revealed religion, revolutionary calendar, revolutionary calendar month, rhamnales, rheum australe, rhoeadales, richter scale, rickettsiales, right whale, robert alexander schumann, roman calendar, rosales, rubiales, saale, saale glaciation, saale river, saccharum bengalense, saint valentine's day, sale in gross, salem, saleratus, salerno, saleroom, sales agreement, sales booth, sales campaign, sales demonstrator, sales department, sales division, sales event, sales finance company, sales force, sales incentive, sales outlet, sales promotion, sales resistance, sales staff, sales tax, salicales, samolus valerandii, san jose scale, sandaled, santalales, sapindales, saprolegniales, sara teasdale, sarraceniales, scale factor, scale fern, scale insect, scale leaf, scale moss, scale of c major, scale of measurement, scale up, scale value, scale wax, scaled, scaleless, scalelike, scalene muscle, scalene triangle, scalenus, scalenus syndrome, scaler, scaley, scene-stealer, sclerodermatales, scotch gale, scrophulariales, sea kale, sealed, sealed instrument, sealed off, secale, secale cereale, secotiales, sei whale, seizure-alert dog, selaginellales, senegalese, senegalese franc, senna alexandrina, sergei aleksandrovich koussevitzky, shale oil, shanghai dialect, sheriff's sale, short sale, silver-scaled, singhalese, sinhalese, sinus ethmoidales, sinus paranasales, sir alec guinness, sir alexander fleming, sir alexander korda, sir alexander mackenzie, sir alexander robertus todd, sir david alexander cecil low, sir walter ralegh, sir walter raleigh, sir william alexander craigie, sisymbrium officinale, sitotroga cerealella, sixth baron byron of rochdale, slave dealer, slow time scale, small-scale, soft scale, soiree musicale, solar calendar, sorghum halepense, sphaeriales, sphaerocarpales, sphagnales, sphalerite, spilogale, spilogale putorius, spirochaetales, spousal equivalent, spouse equivalent, spring scale, st. mary magdalen, st. mary magdalene, st valentine's day, stalemated, staleness, stamp dealer, stealer, stratum basale, strip alert, strong gale, subgenus azalea, subgenus azaleastrum, suprarenalectomy, swainsona galegifolia, swale, swamp azalea, swedish nightingale, sweet gale, symphytum officinale, systema nervosum centrale, systema skeletale, systema urogenitale, taleban, talebearing, talent agent, talentless, talentlessness, taleteller, tall tale, tamale, tamale pie, taraxacum officinale, tattletale gray, tattletale grey, taxales, teasdale, temperature scale, temple of jerusalem, tetrabromo-phenolsulfonephthalein, tetravalent, thales, thales of miletus, thomas chippendale, three-petaled, thrush nightingale, thylogale, thymelaeales, timbale, timbale case, time-scale factor, time scale, tindale, toothed whale, tosk dialect, totaled, travelling salesman, tremellales, trialeurodes, trialeurodes vaporariorum, triangulum australe, trigonum cerebrale, trivalent, trivalent live oral poliomyelitis vaccine, truck dealer, tuberales, tulostomatales, turfan dialect, tyndale, ulvales, umbellales, unalert, unannealed, undersealed, unhealed, univalent, unrevealed, unsaleable, unsealed, untalented, upper paleolithic, uredinales, urticales, ustilaginales, valediction, valedictorian, valedictory, valedictory address, valedictory oration, valedictory speaker, valence, valence electron, valencia, valencia orange, valenciennes, valenciennes lace, valent, valentina tereshkova, valentina vladmirovna tereshkova, valentine's day, valentine day, valerian family, valeriana, valeriana officinalis, valerianaceae, valerianella, valerianella locusta, valerianella olitoria, valeric acid, valet de chambre, valet parking, valetta, valetudinarian, valetudinarianism, valetudinary, vena centrales retinae, venae centrales hepatis, venae conjunctivales, venae dorsales clitoridis superficiales, venae dorsales penis profunda, venae dorsales penis superficiales, venae episclerales, venae labiales anteriores, venae labiales posteriores, venae palpebrales, venae sclerales, vernier scale, vertebrate paleontology, volvocales, wage scale, wale, walesa, walter ralegh, walter raleigh, whale louse, whale oil, whale shark, whale sucker, whaleboat, whalebone whale, whalesucker, wheeler dealer, white sale, white whale, whole gale, wholesale house, wholesale price index, wide wale, william john clifton haley jr., william tindale, william tyndale, wind scale, winston-salem, wu dialect, xyridales, yale, yale university, yevgeni aleksandrovich yevtushenko, yue dialect, yuri alekseyevich gagarin, zingiber officinale, zygnemales, zygnematales
Anagram av ale

lea, ela

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Definisjoner av ale
1. ale - a general name for beer made with a top fermenting yeast; in some of the United States an ale is (by law) a brew of more than 4% alcohol by volume
  beer a general name for alcoholic beverages made by fermenting a cereal (or mixture of cereals) flavored with hops
  weissbier, wheat beer, white beer a general name for beers made from wheat by top fermentation; usually very pale and cloudy and effervescent
  bitter the taste experience when quinine or coffee is taken into the mouth
  burton a strong dark English ale
  pale ale an amber colored ale brewed with pale malts; similar to bitter but drier and lighter
  porter's beer, porter a very dark sweet ale brewed from roasted unmalted barley
  stout a garment size for a large or heavy person
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