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geometrysubst. sirkelbue [u]
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anarchism, anarchist, anarchy, Antarctic, Antarctica, arc welding, arcade, arcaded, arch, arch support, archaeological, archaeologist, archaeology, archaic, archaism, archangel, archbishop, archbishopric, archdeacon, archdiocese, archduchess, archduke, arched, arched passageway, archenemy, archeological, archeologist, archeology, archer, Archer, archery, archetypal, archetype, archiepiscopal, archipelago, architect, architectural, architecture, architrave, archives
archivist, archness, archway, arctic, Arctic, autarchy, body search, carcass, carcinogen, charcoal, cornstarch, crossbow archery, demarcate, demarcation, farce, farcical, graduated arc, hierarchic, hierarchy, house search, incarcerate, incarceration, infarct, infarction, landscape architecture, larceny, larch, march, March, march past, marching orders, marchioness, march-marigold, march-past, market research, matriarchal, monarch, monarchal, monarchic, monarchical, monarchist, monarchy, narcissism, narcissistic, narcissus, narcosis, narcotic, narcotic addiction, narcotics, oligarchic, oligarchy, parcel, parcel out, parcel post, parch, parchment, patriarch, patriarchal, patriarchy, petit larceny, petty larceny, research, research scientist, researcher, researches, sarcasm, sarcastic, sarcastically, sarcophagus, scarce, scarcely, scarceness, scarcity, search, search for, search party, search through, search warrant, searching, searchlight, soul-searching, starch, starched, starchy, sugarcane, thorough search, anarchical, archived file, arctic fox, carcinogenic, carcinoma, hierarchic ranking, hierarchical, institute a search for, abutment arch, acanthophis antarcticus, activated charcoal, adenocarcinoma, adenocarcinomatous, adenomyosarcoma, adrenarche, advanced research and development activity, air force research laboratory, air search radar, alexander archipelago, alveolar arch, alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma, alveolar rhabdosarcoma, american larch, amusement arcade, anarchic, anarchistic, anasarca, anasarcous, angelica archangelica, angiosarcoma, animal charcoal, animal starch, antarctic circle, antarctic continent, antarctic ocean, antarctic peninsula, antarctic zone, antediluvian patriarch, aortic arch, arc-boutant, arc cosecant, arc cosine, arc cotangent, arc lamp, arc light, arc secant, arc sine, arc tangent, arca, arcadia, arcadian, arcadic, arcane, arcangelo corelli, arcanum, arccos, arccosecant, arccosine, arccotangent, arcdegree, arced, arcella, arcellidae, arceuthobium, arceuthobium pusillum, arch over, archaean, archaebacteria, archaebacterium, archaeobacteria, archaeologic, archaeopteryx, archaeopteryx lithographica, archaeornis, archaeornithes, archaeozoic, archaeozoic aeon, archaicism, archaise, archaist, archaistic, archaize, archangelic, archangelical, archdeaconry, archdiocesan, archducal, archduchy, archean, archean aeon, archean eon, archegonial, archegoniate, archegonium, archenteron, archeobacteria, archeologic, archeological remains, archeological site, archeopteryx, archeozoic, archeozoic eon, archepiscopal, archerfish, arches national park, archespore, archesporial, archesporium, archetypical, archiannelid, archiannelida, archibald macleish, archibald percival wavell, archidiaconal, archidiaconate, archidiskidon, archidiskidon imperator, archil, archilochus, archilochus colubris, archimandrite, archimedes, archimedes' principle, archine, arching, archipallium, archipelagic, architectonic, architectonics, architectural engineering, architectural ornament, architectural plan, architectural style, architeuthis, archival, archive, archly, archosargus, archosargus probatocephalus, archosargus rhomboidalis, archosaur, archosauria, archosaurian, archosaurian reptile, archpriest, arcidae, arciform, arcminute, arcsec, arcsecant, arcsecond, arcsin, arcsine, arctan, arctangent, arctic archipelago, arctic char, arctic circle, arctic ground squirrel, arctic hare, arctic moss, arctic mouse-ear, arctic ocean, arctic poppy, arctic skua, arctic willow, arctic wolf, arctic zone, arctictis, arctictis bintourong, arctiid, arctiid moth, arctiidae, arctium, arctium lappa, arctium minus, arctocebus, arctocebus calabarensis, arctocephalus, arctocephalus philippi, arctonyx, arctonyx collaris, arctostaphylos, arctostaphylos alpina, arctostaphylos andersonii, arctostaphylos manzanita, arctostaphylos tomentosa, arctostaphylos uva-ursi, arctotis, arctotis stoechadifolia, arctotis venusta, arcturus, arcuate, arcuate artery, arcuate artery of the kidney, arcuate vein of the kidney, arcus, arcus senilis, arcus zygomaticus, aristarchus, aristarchus of samos, army high performance computing research center, arteria arcuata, autarchic, autarchical, auxiliary research submarine, bachelor of science in architecture, barcarole, barcarolle, barcelona, basket-handle arch, battle of the bismarck sea, bearcat, bell arch, biological research, bismarck, bismarck archipelago, bismarck sea, bismarckian, black archangel, black larch, branchial arch, broken arch, bsarch, bureau of intelligence and research, byzantine architecture, calderon de la barca, camber arch, carbon arc, carbon arc lamp, carcajou, carcase, carcharhinidae, carcharhinus, carcharhinus leucas, carcharhinus limbatus, carcharhinus obscurus, carcharhinus plumbeus, carcharias, carcharias taurus, carchariidae, carcharinus longimanus, carcharodon, carcharodon carcharias, carcinoid, carcinoma in situ, carcinomatous, carcinomatous myopathy, carcinosarcoma, cassava starch, cassius marcellus clay, casualty care research center, celestial hierarchy, centrarchid, centrarchidae, charcoal-gray, charcoal-grey, charcoal burner, charcoal gray, charcoal grey, charcot, charcot-marie-tooth disease, charcuterie, chevalier de lamarck, cholecarciferol, chondrosarcoma, class archiannelida, class sarcodina, classical architecture, clearcutness, coarctate, coarctation, commission on narcotic drugs, computer architecture, consumer research, corbel arch, countermarch, cytoarchitectonic, cytoarchitectonics, cytoarchitectural, cytoarchitecture, data hierarchy, dead march, defense advanced research projects agency, demarcation line, demarche, diarchy, dicksonia antarctica, diminished arch, director of research, division archaebacteria, downward-arching, drop arch, drymarchon, drymarchon corais, drymarchon corais couperi, dyarchy, electric-arc furnace, electric arc, embryonal carcinoma, embryonal carcinosarcoma, embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, embryonal rhabdosarcoma, embryonic stem-cell research, empirical research, endometrial carcinoma, english-gothic architecture, eparch, eparchial, eparchy, esparcet, ethnarch, euarctos, euarctos americanus, european larch, ewing's sarcoma, exarch, exarchate, fallen arch, family arcellidae, family arcidae, family arctiidae, family carcharhinidae, family carchariidae, family centrarchidae, family marchantiaceae, family sarcoptidae, family sarcoscyphaceae, family zoarcidae, farc, farce comedy, female monarch, flat arch, four-centered arch, francesco petrarca, fratercula arctica, frederico garcia lorca, freedom from search and seizure, frogmarch, funeral march, garcia lorca, garcinia, garcinia cambogia, garcinia gummi-gutta, garcinia hanburyi, garcinia mangostana, gates of the arctic national park, genus arca, genus arcella, genus arceuthobium, genus archaeopteryx, genus archaeornis, genus archeopteryx, genus archidiskidon, genus archilochus, genus architeuthis, genus archosargus, genus arctictis, genus arctium, genus arctocebus, genus arctocephalus, genus arctonyx, genus arctostaphylos, genus arctotis, genus carcharhinus, genus carcharias, genus carcharodon, genus drymarchon, genus euarctos, genus garcinia, genus macrozoarces, genus marchantia, genus narcissus, genus phascolarctos, genus sarcobatus, genus sarcocephalus, genus sarcochilus, genus sarcocystis, genus sarcodes, genus sarcophaga, genus sarcophilus, genus sarcoptes, genus sarcorhamphus, genus sarcostemma, genus selenarctos, genus thalarctos, genus zoarces, gill arch, glandular carcinoma, golden larch, gothic arch, gothic architecture, grand larceny, greco-roman architecture, greek architecture, guglielmo marconi, gynarchy, haemal arch, hemal arch, hepatocarcinoma, hepatocellular carcinoma, herbert marcuse, hierarch, hierarchal, hierarchical classification system, hierarchical data structure, hierarchical menu, hierarchical structure, hipparchus, horseshoe arch, hunger march, hunger marcher, in an arch manner, japanese archipelago, jean baptiste de lamarck, jean martin charcot, jeanne d'arc, joan of arc, kaposi's sarcoma, keel arch, lamarck, lamarckian, lamarckism, lamina arcus vertebrae, lancet arch, landscape architect, larcener, larcenist, larcenous, larch tree, law of archimedes, leiomyosarcoma, lepus arcticus, limenitis archippus, line of march, liposarcoma, low archipelago, macrozoarces, macrozoarces americanus, malay archipelago, male monarch, marc, marc blitzstein, marc chagall, marceau, marcel, marcel duchamp, marcel lajos breuer, marcel marceau, marcel proust, marcello malpighi, march 17, march 19, march 2, march 25, march equinox, march king, march on, march out, marchand de vin, marchantia, marchantia polymorpha, marchantiaceae, marchantiales, marche, marcher, marches, marching, marching music, marching order, marchland, marchpane, marciano, marcionism, marco polo, marco polo's sheep, marco polo sheep, marconi, marconi rig, marcus annius verus, marcus antonius, marcus aurelius, marcus aurelius antoninus, marcus aurelius valerius maximianus, marcus cocceius nerva, marcus junius brutus, marcus terentius varro, marcus tullius cicero, marcus ulpius traianus, marcus vipsanius agrippa, marcus whitman, marcuse, marine archaeology, marine archeology, marketing research, master of architecture, matriarch, matriarchate, matriarchic, matriarchy, menarche, metatarsal arch, mid-march, military march, minute of arc, monarch butterfly, monarchism, moorish arch, moorish architecture, myocardial infarct, myocardial infarction, myosarcoma, narc, narcan, narcism, narcissist, narcissistic personality, narcissus jonquilla, narcissus papyraceus, narcissus pseudonarcissus, narcist, narco-state, narcolepsy, narcoleptic, narcoterrorism, narcotic antagonist, narcotics agent, narcotise, narcotised, narcotising, narcotize, narcotized, narcotizing, narcotraffic, national archives and records administration, naval research laboratory, neo-lamarckian, neo-lamarckism, network architecture, neural arch, neurosarcoma, nitrogen narcosis, nonhierarchic, nonhierarchical, norman architecture, oat cell carcinoma, ogee arch, oligarch, oligarchical, operations research, order marchantiales, order sarcosporidia, oregon larch, ormosia coarctata, osteogenic sarcoma, osteosarcoma, otaheite arrowroot starch, otto von bismarck, outmarch, overarch, parcae, parcel bomb, parcel of land, parceled out, parceling, parcellation, parcelling, parched, parcheesi, parliamentary monarchy, patriarchal cross, patriarchate, patriarchic, paumotu archipelago, peace march, pectoral arch, pedro calderon de la barca, pelvic arch, penny arcade, petrarca, petrarch, petrarchan sonnet, phascolarctos, phascolarctos cinereus, pier arch, pleomorphic rhabdomyosarcoma, pleomorphic rhabdosarcoma, plutarch, pointed arch, prince otto eduard leopold von bismarck, prince otto von bismarck, processional march, product research, proscenium arch, prostatic adenocarcinoma, protest march, protoarchaeology, protoarcheology, quick march, rampant arch, rangifer arcticus, recessional march, reflex arc, research center, research colloquium, research director, research facility, research lab, research laboratory, research project, research rocket, research staff, research worker, rhabdomyosarcoma, rhabdosarcoma, right of search, rocco marciano, rocky marciano, roman arch, roman architecture, romanesque architecture, round arch, routemarch, rowlock arch, safety arch, sagittarius the archer, salix arctica, samarcand, sanicula arctopoides, sarcenet, sarcobatus, sarcobatus vermiculatus, sarcocephalus, sarcocephalus diderrichii, sarcocephalus esculentus, sarcocephalus latifolius, sarcochilus, sarcochilus falcatus, sarcocystidean, sarcocystieian, sarcocystis, sarcodes, sarcodes sanguinea, sarcodina, sarcodine, sarcodinian, sarcoid, sarcoidosis, sarcolemma, sarcolemmal, sarcolemmic, sarcolemnous, sarcoma, sarcomere, sarcophaga, sarcophaga carnaria, sarcophilus, sarcophilus hariisi, sarcoplasm, sarcoptes, sarcoptid, sarcoptidae, sarcorhamphus, sarcorhamphus papa, sarcoscypha coccinea, sarcoscyphaceae, sarcosine, sarcosomal, sarcosomataceae, sarcosome, sarcosporidia, sarcosporidian, sarcostemma, sarcostemma acidum, sarcostyle, scheme arch, sciaena antarctica, scientific research, scoinson arch, sconcheon arch, search and destroy mission, search and rescue mission, search engine, search language, search mission, searcher, searcher beetle, searching fire, segmental arch, selenarctos, selenarctos thibetanus, semicircular arch, serratia marcescens, shouldered arch, siberian larch, skeen arch, skene arch, skew arch, small cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, squirearchy, starch wheat, starchless, starchlike, steel arch bridge, stem-cell research, straight arch, strip-search, strip search, style of architecture, subalpine larch, subarctic, subclass archaeornithes, subclass archosauria, sugarcoat, sunken arch, superciliary arch, surface search radar, symposiarch, tarchanoff phenomenon, thalarctos, thalarctos maritimus, thelarche, three-centered arch, trachipterus arcticus, trefoil arch, trimmer arch, triumphal arch, trumpet arch, tuamotu archipelago, tudor arch, tudor architecture, type of architecture, underwater archaeology, underwater archeology, unsarcastic, ursus arctos, ursus arctos horribilis, ursus arctos middendorffi, ursus arctos syriacus, vena arcuata renis, vertebral arch, victorian architecture, von bismarck, wedding march, western larch, zoarces, zoarces viviparus, zoarcidae, zygomatic arch
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1. arc - a continuous portion of a circle
  curved shape, curve a pitch of a baseball that is thrown with spin so that its path curves as it approaches the batter
  circle any circular or rotating mechanism; "the machine punched out metal circles"
  sector measuring instrument consisting of two graduated arms hinged at one end
  limb the graduated arc that is attached to an instrument for measuring angles; "the limb of the sextant"
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