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anatomysubst. bryst [n], toraks [u], brystkasse [u]
  culinarysubst. bringe [u]
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Anatomical breast implants, however, could also deform the shape of the breast if they rotate sideways.
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1. breast - either of two soft fleshy milk-secreting glandular organs on the chest of a woman
  bosom, knocker, boob, tit, titty
  mammary gland, mamma milk-secreting organ of female mammals
  adult female body, woman's body the body of an adult woman
  lactiferous duct ducts of the mammary gland that carry milk to the nipple
  ring of color, areola small circular area such as that around the human nipple or an inflamed area around a pimple or insect bite
2. breast - the front of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen; "he beat his breast in anger"
  external body part any body part visible externally
  pectus, thorax, chest part of an insect's body that bears the wings and legs
  bosom cloth that covers the chest or breasts
3. breast - meat carved from the breast of a fowl
  helping, serving, portion an individual quantity of food or drink taken as part of a meal; "the helpings were all small"; "his portion was larger than hers"; "there's enough for two servings each"
  poulet, volaille, chicken a domestic fowl bred for flesh or eggs; believed to have been developed from the red jungle fowl
  turkey large gallinaceous bird with fan-shaped tail; widely domesticated for food
4. breast - the part of an animal's body that corresponds to a person's chest
  external body part any body part visible externally
1. breast - meet at breast level; "The runner breasted the tape"
  converge, meet come together so as to form a single product; "Social forces converged to bring the Fascists back to power"
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The breast is the upper ventral region of the torso of a primate, in left and right sides, which in a female contains the mammary gland that secretes milk used to feed infants. Both men and women develop breasts from the same embryological tissues. However, at puberty, female sex hormones, mainly estrogen, promote breast development which does not occur in men.

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