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collation på norsk

bookssubst. kollasjon [u], kollasjonering [u]
  culinarysubst. lett måltid [u]
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Definisjoner av collation
1. collation - careful examination and comparison to note points of disagreement
  comparing, comparison the act of examining resemblances; "they made a comparison of noise levels"; "the fractions selected for comparison must require pupils to consider both numerator and denominator"
2. collation - assembling in proper numerical or logical sequence
  assembling, collecting, aggregation, collection the act of gathering something together
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Collation is the assembly of written information into a standard order. One common type of collation is called alphabetisation, though collation is not limited to ordering letters of the alphabet. Collating lists of words or names into alphabetical order is the basis of most office filing systems, library catalogs and reference book.

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