Engelsk-Norsk oversettelse av day and night

Oversettelse av ordet day and night fra engelsk til norsk, med synonymer, antonymer, verbbøying, uttale, anagrammer og eksempler på bruk.

day and night på norsk

day and night
timeadjektiv døgnet rundt, døgn-
  timeannet døgnet rundt, dag og natt
Eksempler med oversettelse
Good night. Sweet dreams.
For some reason I feel more alive at night.
It's been snowing all night.
Did you go out last night?
We talked late into the night.
I cried all night long.
The rain lasted through the night.
Miss Baker knew that the young man would have to leave very soon, so she decided to ask him to move his car a bit, so that she could park hers in the proper place for the night before going to bed.
How come you didn't call me last night?
Not a star was to be seen that night.
They are as different as day and night.
Last night I began to nod off in front of the TV.
There was a big earthquake last night.
Last night someone broke into the small shop near my house.
I arrived here last night.
I slept comfortably last night.
He sat up late last night working on the documents.
You should avoid calling a person after ten at night.
Yumi studied English last night.
She read the book all night.


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