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difficult på norsk

effortadjektiv sterk storm, møysomt, besværlig, betyngende, hard, trykkende
  situationadjektiv problematisk, sterk storm, besværlig
  problemadjektiv kranglete, innviklet, sterk storm
  characteradjektiv besværlig, kinkig
  hardadjektiv sterk storm, krevende
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Eksempler med oversettelse
I found the test difficult.
It is difficult to ascertain what really happened.
It is difficult to put what we said in practice.
What seems easy at first often turns out to be difficult.
We are faced with a difficult choice.
It is difficult to translate a poem into another language.
This is a difficult situation.
People often say that Japanese is a difficult language.
The older you are, the more difficult it is to learn a language.
It is difficult to understand his theory.
In theory it is possible, but in practice it is very difficult.
Is it difficult eating with chopsticks?
His theory is difficult to understand.
Learning Korean is difficult.
It's difficult to understand his theory.
It's difficult, isn't it?
I've had a difficult time after Tom was abruptly torn from me.
It is very difficult, almost impossible, to get an apartment in Oslo.
Hope quickly fades when you encounter a difficult situation and a pointless deadlock. You must be strong.
They had a legacy system that they have tinkered with for years and it became more and more difficult to find the expertise to improve it.
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Definisjoner av difficult
1. difficult - not easy; requiring great physical or mental effort to accomplish or comprehend or endure; "a difficult task"; "nesting places on the cliffs are difficult of access"; "difficult times"; "why is it so hard for you to keep a secret?"
  easy obtained with little effort or sacrifice, often obtained illegally; "easy money"
  demanding requiring more than usually expected or thought due; especially great patience and effort and skill; "found the job very demanding"; "a baby can be so demanding"
  effortful requiring great physical effort
  hard dried out; "hard dry rolls left over from the day before"
  difficultness, difficulty the quality of being difficult; "they agreed about the difficulty of the climb"
  ambitious, challenging having a strong desire for success or achievement
  arduous difficult to accomplish; demanding considerable mental effort and skill; "the arduous work of preparing a dictionary"
  embarrassing, unenviable, sticky, awkward causing to feel shame or chagrin or vexation; "the embarrassing moment when she found her petticoat down around her ankles"; "it was mortifying to know he had heard every word"
  baffling, problematic, problematical, elusive, knotty, tough making great mental demands; hard to comprehend or solve or believe; "a baffling problem"; "I faced the knotty problem of what to have for breakfast"; "a problematic situation at home"
  catchy, tricky having concealed difficulty; "a catchy question"; "a tricky recipe to follow"
  ticklish, touchy, delicate exquisitely fine and subtle and pleasing; susceptible to injury; "a delicate violin passage"; "delicate china"; "a delicate flavor"; "the delicate wing of a butterfly"
  fractious unpredictably difficult in operation; likely to be troublesome; "rockets were much too fractious to be tested near thickly populated areas"; "fractious components of a communication system"
  hard-fought requiring great effort; "a hard-fought primary"
  herculean extremely difficult; requiring the strength of a Hercules; "a herculean task"
  nasty, tight exasperatingly difficult to handle or circumvent; "a nasty problem"; "a good man to have on your side in a tight situation"
  rocky, rough full of hardship or trials; "the rocky road to success"; "they were having a rough time"
  rugged, tough sturdy and strong in constitution or construction; enduring; "with a house full of boys you have to have rugged furniture"
  serious requiring effort or concentration; complex and not easy to answer or solve; "raised serious objections to the proposal"; "the plan has a serious flaw"
  tall great in vertical dimension; high in stature; "tall people"; "tall buildings"; "tall trees"; "tall ships"
  thorny bristling with perplexities; "the thorny question of states' rights"
  troublesome difficult to deal with; "a troublesome infection"; "a troublesome situation"
  trying hard to endure; "fell upon trying times"
  vexed causing difficulty in finding an answer or solution; much disputed; "the vexed issue of priorities"; "we live in vexed and troubled times"
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