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fairy taleadjektiv alv-, alvelignende
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1. elfin - small and delicate; "she was an elfin creature--graceful and delicate"; "obsessed by things elfin and small"
  little, small small in a way that arouses feelings (of tenderness or its opposite depending on the context); "a nice little job"; "bless your little heart"; "my dear little mother"; "a sweet little deal"; "I'm tired of your petty little schemes"; "filthy little tricks"; "what a nasty little situation"
2. elfin - suggestive of an elf in strangeness and otherworldliness; "thunderbolts quivered with elfin flares of heat lightning"; "the fey quality was there, the ability to see the moon at midday"- John Mason Brown
  supernatural not existing in nature or subject to explanation according to natural laws; not physical or material; "supernatural forces and occurrences and beings"
3. elfin - usually good-naturedly mischievous; "perpetrated a practical joke with elfin delight"; "elvish tricks"
  elfish, elvish
  playful full of fun and high spirits; "playful children just let loose from school"
4. elfin - relating to or made or done by or as if by an elf; "elfin bells"; "all the little creatures joined in the elfin dance"
  gremlin, elf, imp, pixie, pixy, brownie, hob (folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous
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