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fertility på norsk

agriculturesubst. fruktbarhet [u], fertilitet [u]
  medicinesubst. fruktsomhet [u], fertilitet [u]
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1. fertility - the state of being fertile; capable of producing offspring
  infertility, sterility the state of being unable to produce offspring; in a woman it is an inability to conceive; in a man it is an inability to impregnate
  fertile capable of reproducing
  infertile, unfertile, sterile deficient in originality or creativity; lacking powers of invention; "a sterile ideology lacking in originality"; "unimaginative development of a musical theme"; "uninspired writing"
  physical condition, physiological condition, physiological state the condition or state of the body or bodily functions
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Fertility is the natural capability of giving life. As a measure, ""fertility rate"" is the number of children born per couple, person or population. Fertility differs from fecundity, which is defined as the potential for reproduction (influenced by gamete production, fertilisation and carrying a pregnancy to term).

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