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knocker på norsk

doorsubst. portklapp [u], dørhammer [u]
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1. knocker - a device (usually metal and ornamental) attached by a hinge to a door
  doorknocker, rapper
  device any clever maneuver; "he would stoop to any device to win a point"; "it was a great sales gimmick"; "a cheap promotions gimmick for greedy businessmen"
  front door, front entrance exterior door (at the entrance) at the front of a building
2. knocker - a person who knocks (as seeking to gain admittance); "open the door and see who the knocker is"
  mortal, somebody, someone, individual, person, soul a single organism
3. knocker - (Yiddish) a big shot who knows it and acts that way; a boastful immoderate person
  big cheese, big enchilada, big fish, big gun, big shot, big wheel, head honcho, big deal an important influential person; "he thinks he's a big shot"; "she's a big deal in local politics"; "the Qaeda commander is a very big fish"
  yiddish a dialect of High German including some Hebrew and other words; spoken in Europe as a vernacular by many Jews; written in the Hebrew script
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