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bodyadjektiv mager, tynn, slank, sped, smal, smal kropp
  foodadjektiv mager
  treeverb lene seg, bøye seg
  supportverb lene seg
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Chilean, clean, clean off, clean out, clean up, clean-cut, cleaner, cleaner's, cleaning, cleaning lady, cleaning out, cleaning up, cleaning woman, cleanliness, cleanness, cleanse, cleanser, clean-shaven, cleansing, cleanup, dry cleaner's, dry-clean, dry-cleaning, gleaner, gleaning, herculean, lean against, lean back, lean on, lean over, lean over backwards to, lean to, lean toward, lean towards, lean upon, leaning, lean-to, oleander, run a vacuum cleaner, spring-cleaning
unclean, uncleanness, vacuum cleaner, vacuum-clean, window-cleaner, cleanly, dry-cleaner, oleanders, uncleanliness, aeschylean, air cleaner, anna eleanor roosevelt, aristotelean, bathroom cleaner, boolean, boolean algebra, boolean logic, boolean operation, calean, carolean, cerulean, cerulean blue, chilean bonito, chilean cedar, chilean firebush, chilean flameflower, chilean hazelnut, chilean jasmine, chilean monetary unit, chilean nut, chilean peso, chilean rimu, chilean strawberry, clean-burning, clean-handed, clean-limbed, clean-living, clean and jerk, clean bill of health, clean bomb, clean house, clean room, clean slate, cleanable, cleaned, cleaners, cleaning implement, cleaning pad, cleansed, cleansing agent, cleanthes, cleanup position, cleanup spot, dry-cleaned, dry clean, dry cleaner, dry cleaners, dry cleaning, eleanor gwyn, eleanor gwynn, eleanor gwynne, eleanor of aquitaine, eleanor roosevelt, ethnic cleansing, family oleandraceae, galilean, galilean satellite, galilean telescope, genus oleandra, glean, greater new orleans bridge, harlean carpenter, herbert mclean evans, houseclean, housecleaning, laminar flow clean room, lean-to tent, leander, leaner, leaning tower, leaning tower of pisa, leanness, make clean, mephistophelean, nerium oleander, new orleans, oleander fern, oleandra, oleandra mollis, oleandra neriiformis, oleandraceae, orleanais, orleanism, orleanist, orleans, penstemon whippleanus, pipe cleaner, siege of orleans, spring-clean, steam clean, street cleaner, tyrolean, uncleanly, window cleaner, yellow oleander
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Definisjoner av lean
1. lean - to incline or bend from a vertical position; "She leaned over the banister"
  tilt, tip, slant, angle
  flex, bend cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form; "bend the rod"; "twist the dough into a braid"; "the strong man could turn an iron bar"
  knock over, bowl over, tip over, tump over, overturn, upset, turn over turn from an upright or normal position; "The big vase overturned"; "The canoe tumped over"
  tip over, tump over, overturn, turn over turn from an upright or normal position; "The big vase overturned"; "The canoe tumped over"
  lean against, lean on, rest on rest on for support; "you can lean on me if you get tired"
  lean against, lean on, rest on rest on for support; "you can lean on me if you get tired"
  slope, incline, pitch be at an angle; "The terrain sloped down"
  weather change under the action or influence of the weather; "A weathered old hut"
  heel, list put a new heel on; "heel shoes"
  lean back, recline move the upper body backwards and down
2. lean - cause to lean or incline; "He leaned his rifle against the wall"
  position, lay, pose, put, place, set cause to be in an appropriate place, state, or relation
3. lean - rely on for support; "We can lean on this man"
  rely, swear, trust, bank promise solemnly; take an oath
1. lean - not profitable or prosperous; "a lean year"
  unprofitable producing little or no profit or gain; "deposits abandoned by mining companies as unprofitable"
2. lean - lacking in mineral content or combustible material; "lean ore"; "lean fuel"
  rich pleasantly full and mellow; "a rich tenor voice"
3. lean - containing little excess; "a lean budget"; "a skimpy allowance"
  insufficient, deficient of a quantity not able to fulfill a need or requirement; "insufficient funds"
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