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lid på norsk

containersubst. lokk av hår [n]
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backslide, backsliding, children's slide, collide, collide with, color slide, color slides, consolidate, consolidated, elide, euclidean, eyelid, glide, glider, gliding, hang glider, hang gliding, holiday, invalid, invalidate, invalidation, invalidity, landslide, make legally valid, national holiday, pallid, public holiday, remain valid, slide, slide down, slide off, slide out of, slide rule, slide viewer, sliding door, sliding scale, solid, solidaristic, solidarity, solidification
solidify, solidity, solidly, solidly built, solid-state, solidus, squalid, stolid, stolidity, stolidness, thalidomide, thalidomide baby, valid, validate, validity, annelid, Bank holiday, consolidation, half-holiday, solid state, solidly united, solidness, summer holidays, unconsolidated, universally valid, validness, abul-walid mohammed ibn-ahmad ibn-mohammed ibn-roshd, acanthoscelides, acanthoscelides obtectus, acetanilid, acetanilide, acid halide, acyl halide, albulidae, alidad, alidade, alkyl halide, amaryllidaceae, ancylidae, anguillidae, annelid worm, annelida, annelidan, anniellidae, antrozous pallidus, arcellidae, archiannelid, archiannelida, armadillidiidae, armadillidium, asilidae, backslider, blida, boletus pallidus, bolide, bombycillidae, branchiobdellidae, brotulidae, busman's holiday, butazolidin, calidris, calidris canutus, calidris ferruginea, calidris melanotos, calvin coolidge, camelidae, carbon tetrahalide, caryophyllidae, ceilidh, chelidonium, chelidonium majus, chinchillidae, chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile, chlorthalidone, chrysomelid, chrysomelidae, cicadellidae, cichlid, cichlid fish, cichlidae, cicindelidae, cinclidae, class archiannelida, coccinellidae, collider, comandra pallida, comatulid, comatulidae, conjunctival layer of eyelids, consolida, consolida ambigua, consolidative, coolidge, cordylidae, corydalidae, corydalis solida, crocodylidae, crotalidae, ctenocephalides, ctenocephalides canis, ctenocephalides felis, cuculidae, cynocephalidae, doliolidae, dorotheanthus bellidiformis, dracunculidae, drosophilidae, engraulidae, euclid, euclidean geometry, euclidean space, euclidian, euryalida, family albulidae, family amaryllidaceae, family ancylidae, family anguillidae, family anniellidae, family arcellidae, family armadillidiidae, family asilidae, family bombycillidae, family branchiobdellidae, family brotulidae, family camelidae, family chinchillidae, family chrysomelidae, family cicadellidae, family cichlidae, family cicindelidae, family cinclidae, family coccinellidae, family comatulidae, family cordylidae, family corydalidae, family crocodylidae, family crotalidae, family cuculidae, family cynocephalidae, family doliolidae, family dracunculidae, family drosophilidae, family engraulidae, family fasciolidae, family felidae, family fissurellidae, family forficulidae, family fringillidae, family galbulidae, family gasterophilidae, family gavialidae, family gempylidae, family geophilidae, family glareolidae, family gryllidae, family haemulidae, family hamamelidaceae, family hemerocallidaceae, family hylidae, family leptodactylidae, family limulidae, family machilidae, family megachilidae, family microhylidae, family mobulidae, family molidae, family motacillidae, family mugilidae, family mullidae, family mustelidae, family mutillidae, family mycetophylidae, family mytilidae, family nautilidae, family nymphalidae, family ogcocephalidae, family oriolidae, family oxalidaceae, family parulidae, family patellidae, family pediculidae, family pennatulidae, family peramelidae, family phillidae, family phoeniculidae, family pholidae, family pholididae, family phyllidae, family platycephalidae, family potamogalidae, family prunellidae, family psyllidae, family pteroclididae, family pterodactylidae, family pyralidae, family pyralididae, family rallidae, family sialidae, family spirulidae, family squalidae, family squillidae, family sulidae, family terebellidae, family tipulidae, family tragulidae, family triglidae, family trochilidae, family trombiculidae, fasciolidae, felid, felidae, fissurellidae, flat solid, flip one's lid, forficulidae, fringillidae, galbulidae, garden symphilid, gasterophilidae, gavialidae, gelid, gelidity, gempylid, gempylidae, genus acanthoscelides, genus armadillidium, genus calidris, genus chelidonium, genus consolida, genus ctenocephalides, genus hamamelidanthum, genus hamamelidoxylon, genus pholidota, genus regnellidium, genus solidago, geophilidae, glareolidae, glide-bomb, glide by, glide path, glide slope, gliding bacteria, gliding joint, globus pallidus, gryllidae, gymnopilus validipes, haemulidae, hair slide, halide, hamamelid dicot family, hamamelid dicot genus, hamamelidaceae, hamamelidae, hamamelidanthum, hamamelidoxylon, hang glide, heat of solidification, hemerocallidaceae, high holiday, holiday resort, holiday season, holidaymaker, hylidae, ideal solid, invalidated, invalidating, invalidator, invalidism, invalidness, iris pallida, lantern slide, legal holiday, leptodactylid, leptodactylid frog, leptodactylidae, lidar, lidded, lidless, lido, lido deck, lidocaine, limulidae, machilid, machilidae, megachilidae, microhylidae, microscope slide, millidegree, mobulidae, molidae, motacillidae, mudslide, mugilidae, mullidae, mustelid, mustelidae, mutillidae, mycetophilidae, mytilid, mytilidae, nalidixic acid, nautilidae, non-euclidean geometry, nonsolid color, nonsolid colour, nymphalid, nymphalid butterfly, nymphalidae, ogcocephalidae, order pholidota, order tubulidentata, oriolidae, oxalidaceae, package holiday, pallid bat, pallidity, pallidly, pallidness, pallidum, parulidae, patellidae, pediculidae, pennatulidae, peramelidae, phencyclidine, phencyclidine hydrochloride, phillidae, phoeniculidae, pholidae, pholidota, phyllidae, phylum annelida, platonic solid, platycephalidae, potamogalidae, president coolidge, primary solid solution, procyclidine, prunellidae, psyllid, psyllidae, pteroclididae, pterodactylidae, pyralid, pyralid moth, pyralidae, pyralididae, rallidae, regnellidium, regnellidium diphyllum, regular convex solid, religious holiday, rockslide, semisolid, sialidae, sipunculid, skid lid, slide action, slide by, slide fastener, slide projector, slide valve, slider, slideway, sliding, sliding keel, sliding seat, sliding window, solid-colored, solid-coloured, solid-hoofed, solid-state physics, solid angle, solid body substance, solid figure, solid food, solid geometry, solid ground, solid solution, solidago, solidago bicolor, solidago canadensis, solidago missouriensis, solidago multiradiata, solidago nemoralis, solidago odora, solidago rugosa, solidago sempervirens, solidago spathulata, solidified, solidifying, spirulidae, squalidae, squalidly, squalidness, squillidae, subclass caryophyllidae, subclass euryalida, subclass hamamelidae, sulidae, superconducting supercollider, symphilid, terebellidae, tetrahalide, thalidone, third eyelid, tipulidae, tragulidae, triglidae, trochilidae, trombiculidae, trunk lid, tubulidentata, tympanuchus pallidicinctus, vaccinium pallidum, validated, validating, validation, validatory, validly, with validity
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Definisjoner av lid
1. lid - a movable top or cover (hinged or separate) for closing the opening at the top of a box, chest, jar, pan, etc.; "he raised the piano lid"
  cover, top fire that makes it difficult for the enemy to fire on your own individuals or formations; "artillery provided covering fire for the withdrawal"
  box a blow with the hand (usually on the ear); "I gave him a good box on the ear"
  chest box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy
  jar a vessel (usually cylindrical) with a wide mouth and without handles
  lock any wrestling hold in which some part of the opponent's body is twisted or pressured
  trunk lid hinged lid for a trunk
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