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microscopy på norsk

generalsubst. mikroskopi [u]
Synonymer for microscopy
subst. research
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Definisjoner av microscopy
1. microscopy - research with the use of microscopes
  research systematic investigation to establish facts
  electron microscopy microscopy with the use of electron microscopes
  dark field illumination, dark ground illumination a form of microscopic examination of living material by scattered light; specimens appear luminous against a dark background
  fluorescence microscopy light microscopy in which the specimen is irradiated at wavelengths that excite fluorochromes
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Microscopy is the technical field of using microscopes to view samples and objects that cannot be seen with the unaided eye (objects that are not within the resolution range of the normal eye). There are three well-known branches of microscopy, optical, electron, and scanning probe microscopy. Optical and electron microscopy involve the diffraction, reflection, or refraction of electromagnetic radiation/electron beams interacting with the specimen, and the subsequent collection of this scattered radiation or another signal in order to create an image.

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